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    Posted March 8, 2012 by
    Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania
    This iReport is part of an assignment:
    Why can't Romney seal the deal?

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    What It Will Take for Romney to Win


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     wjoreilly, a registered Democrat, shared his thoughts on what he sees at GOP presidential contender Mitt Romney's longshot bid for office. 'Unless something cataclysmic happens, Obama will win the election, in my view,' he said.
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    I think we are very quick to defend the presidential candidate we want to win the upcoming presidential election, and we don’t usually waste our brain power on considering what it might take for the other guy to win.
    Me, I’m a Massachusetts Democrat who struggles painfully with the idea of a republican victory in the Fall.
    Even still, I think it’s a valuable exercise to consider with as much detachment as possible, what it would take for say Mitt Romney to win the election, whether or not I want that to happen. It’s like in high school debates when you don’t get to defend the point of view that you naturally believe. You have to defend the argument you are assigned.

    So here goes.


    For Mitt Romney to win his party’s nomination and to go on to win the election, he needs to have a breakthrough in his credibility to the average Joes of America. He’s been seen as elitist and not in touch. If Mitt Romney could, say be walking by a burning building in Detroit and dash inside to prove his concern for others and save a life—or say, if his kids were working in hospice and showed a high degree of compassion for people, this would help Romney’s image greatly.
    Rick Santorum would have to be revealed as way too over the top to be identifiable with average Americans—maybe it were found that he participated in actual exorcisms. This would leave Romney with the mandate he needs. Newt would have to spray even more poison on the election, and republicans would have to see the need to seek the high road in the presidential debates. This would drop Gingrich from the pack.
    Conversely, President Obama would need to be further identified with rascals and rapscallions, the way Brietbart was attempting to do before his demise.
    Once again, I’m voting democrat no matter what, but these are some of the unforeseen factors that could bring a republican administration to the White House, heaven forbid.

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