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    Posted March 9, 2012 by
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    What's your big idea?

    Harnessing gravity with heat, and H2O

    Currently, I'm such a long long way from home, traveling by bicycle (human power) towing a wagon weighing some 400 pounds, loaded down with clothes, camping gear, food, water, laptop computer, and the greatest gift my late mother ever bestowed upon me, an Alvarez 12 string acoustic guitar built in 1976, bestowed upon me in January of 1977 on the condition that I agree to be her garage door opener that she intended to buy with the funds she used to acquire that instrument for me that day. The love of music, and the paths my life has taken due to that, is another story in itself, but I find myself on this incredible journey across the nation of the U.S.A., by strange conveyance, as a tribute to both parents, both long ago deceased from different forms of cancer, to benefit The American Cancer Society, who for the most part tried to talk me out of it before it ever began. My brother - in - law told me I'd never reach Gainseville from Orlando, FL on a bicycle towing such a heavy wagon, let alone Los Angeles, CA, which is the intended destination, and now here I am half way across the giant state of Texas, some 1,200 miles from where I started, and due to following the Gulf Coast, the actual miles have been far more than the A to B air miles. Anyway, that too, is another story. The interesting story aside, it is my love of Meteorology, the study of weather, that brought me to ponder how it could possibly be proven that great minds of physics, such as Einstein, could possibly be mistaken about the nature of energy, and that some weather phenomena appear to defy certain physics theory, that limited amounts of thermal energy, when not able (or allowed) to escape (or dissipate) it's confines, can actually "create" far more energy than it contains. This can be observed in many natural phenomena, but most obviously in hurricanes, and being from Florida means I've had the opportunity to experience first hand, the effects of land falling hurricanes.
    Some years back, in 2007, 2008, Florida, Alabama, and Georgia, were squabbling over water rights, and this was a considerable dilemma for then governor Charlie Crist, so this got me thinking about how hurricanes can move (and desalinate) millions of tons of water in a very short period of time, without pumps, using only naturally occurring thermal inversion. Because water is quite heavy when condensed (8 pounds per gallon, fresh) it seems that the amount of energy unleashed during a hurricane is considerably higher than is contained in the thermal energy engine that drives such a storm, and the effect of gravity on the heavy condensed water is of course, the reason the energy unleashed is so much higher than the energy driving the mechanism. Hurricanes, in effect, harness not only thermal energy trapped in the ocean, which is dissipated into the atmosphere by the action of the storm, but also the gravity which pulls the cooling rains back down, so the massive power of the storm is mostly attributed to the effect of gravity, a relatively weak force, on the wind, waves, and rains (condensate) of the storm, magnified by the sheer mass of liquid water. This made me realize that mankind could easily mimic nature to harness this great source of pollution free KINETIC energy! And, this got me thinking of ways it could be done. Once I realized this, I came to understand that even a limited source of thermal energy, if not allowed to escape or dissipate, but merely "moved around" using heat pump technology, could make MASSIVE amounts of kinetic energy, by harnessing the "unseen" power of gravity.
    Anyway, in my excitement I contacted governor Crist, with the news of this idea, and he liked it enough to forward it on to the Florida Department of Energy, who then contacted me with information about grants, much to my surprise. Well, since I'm running out of my word allowance here, I'll cut this short, I'm just a whimsical musician, so what do I know? http://www.myspace.com/tommytokes/blog/543172675
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