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    Reche Canyon, California
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    Japan one year later: What’s changed?

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    Monster Japan Quake Was Wake Up Call For Nukes


    Incredible to this day, the 9.0 Megaquake that hit northern Japan one year ago today was a wake up call for those of us that live in earthquake country. Roberta and I live only 20 miles from the mighty San Andreas Fault here in Southern California, and we live about 40 miles from the Nuclear Plants at San Onofre.


    What made this event different is how it unfolded live on worldwide television. I was up for 10 hours straight, we could not believe what we saw. It was the first disaster of its type ever to be seen 'live' as it happened. The tsunami was unreal, over 20,000 were killed.

    And what now about the future of Nuclear Power around the world? That area of Japan is now a ghost town.


    This type of disaster occurs about every 500 years or so around the world - what are the odds we would see 3 of them in our lifetime?


    The 9.0 Indian Ocean Quake in 2004 was beyond belief, killing about 250,000 souls worldwide. And then we had the devastating Haiti 7.0 shaker that killed over 270,000 in that country.


    Here in Southern California, we are way overdue for 'The Big One'. It's only a matter of time, will we be ready? Will our Nuklear Plants hold up?


    God bless the people of Japan as they continue to recover from the largest Quake and Tsunami ever recorded in the nation's history...


    Love to Japan, Al & Roberta

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