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    To: Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google;
    Salar Kamangar, CEO of YouTube,


    This open letter is a follow up to my previous open letter concerning YouTube's forced channel design change.


    Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kamangar, in light of the recent channel design change that you have forced upon YouTube's channel owners, I feel the need to make you aware of the major changes that will occur over the course of this year and indeed have already been occurring over the past year. It would be wise of you to take heed of my advice, since I am highly analytical and an excellent macro strategist, capable of seeing the bigger picture. I don't mean to be vain. I just mean to get your attention.


    You see Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kamangar, humanity is awakening. It has happened before, only back then it was an intellectual awakening, or as the history books call it – the Renaissance. Now it is the awakening of the consciousness of humanity as a whole, some would call it a spiritual awakening. There is a very practical reason for this awakening of humanity consciousness. It is due to the internet. More specifically, it is due to Facebook and YouTube. It is Facebook that connects humanity and YouTube that informs humanity.


    So what has all this got to do with you? Well, as humanity becomes more conscious and more informed, power is being reverted to the masses. The masses are beginning to awaken and realize that when they unite and act as one there is no government or corporation powerful enough to ignore their will. The reason is simple – the purpose of governments and corporations is ultimately to serve the people and not vice versa. So when the masses act as one, governments and corporation cannot ignore their will lest they topple as in the case of governments or lose profits as in the case of corporations. Over recent times this fact has been largely forgotten by governments and corporations. But just look around you at what is happening – Occupy Wall Street, the mass social protests in Israel and Europe and the Arab Spring Uprising. The masses are awakening and realizing that they have the power to bring about change when unified.


    Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kamangar, all it takes is one person with major international exposure, or one grass roots movement to rally and mobilize the masses. That is how it has been throughout history. Look for instance at a person named Athene, one of YouTube's most subscribed partners. And look at the Invisible Children organization. Their YouTube video – Kony 2012 - must be one of the fastest trending videos in the history of YouTube. Look out also for a movement called the Choice Point movement, set to get exposure around mid-2012. We are about to bring the biggest change of all. You will understand why if you take the time to watch our movement's two short movies entitled '2012 – a message of hope parts 1 and 2".


    Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Kamangar, the world is changing, and governments and corporations need to understand that they need to start listening to the will of the people. The only reason why YouTube went ahead with the design change against the will of the channel owners is because currently there are only a few tens of thousands of channel owners on YouTube, and most of them are teenagers who don't realize their collective power. This design change does not affect the hundreds of millions of Youtubers who just view videos and don't have channels. So you most likely believe that you can contain the fallout from this design change. If YouTube had as many channels as Facebook has Walls then no doubt you would have thought twice about going ahead with the change against the will of the channel owners.

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