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    Danforth, Maine

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    Strangely enough, if you get FREE NETFLIX STREAMING on your computer, you may watch a one hour documentary called THE LONGORIA AFFAIR, about a deceased military man by the name of Felix Longoria, whose remains (and the remains of others) were dug up and sent back from the Phillipines a few years after the end of WW II. The funeral director refused to give him services in the Texas funeral parlor because he was a Mexican American. That caused a whole national service organization for Mexican American veterans to be formed, and Felix Longoria was buried at Arlington.

    Strangely enough, many years later, when President Johnson (also a veteran) got elected, he became a supporter and friend of this Mexican American service organization, although for most of LJB’s political career, he had sided with Caucasian racists in his Texas districts to keep discrimination in play to protect his voting base, which was conservative, Caucasian Democratic Texans.

    But one of his first jobs out of college was to be the principal of an impoverished Mexican American high school, and he spent his first months salary to buy baseball gloves and bats for the team.

    SO YOU NEVER KNOW WHERE PEOPLE ARE GOING TO END UP, and it’s quite possible that this Navy vet who was heckling Christie from the crowd may end up in bed with Christie at some other time regarding a veteran matter, which wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

    I think this veteran’s PTSD is what had him out there in the public arena, arguing with the NJ Governor. If you check out this interesting article on the Huffington Post

    Veterans Crisis Line Seeks To Help Those Struggling With Civilian Life, Unemployment, Post-Combat Stress


    you’ll see a very long line of suicidal vets, many who can’t even get in to the official VA telephone site, who are sent to other call crisis call centers having nothing to do with the VA. And you can figure that for every war veteran with suicidal thoughts and PTSD/anger/anxiety/sad memories of war, there are many other veterans with PTSD, going to law school, arguing with governors for better chances for veterans.

    If you have some severe PTSD yourself, severe enough to go in for treatment and get a rating, you’ll know of what I speak. It comes out in different ways for different veterans, and that’s all I can say about that, my friend.

    And I just got your great e mail, and can only thank you, and encourage you in your work. I think that so many of us have our own issues to deal with, and each of us is truly unique, but just as it was after WW II, I think us veterans, especially us older ones, ought to help those younger guys find their place and get their good treatment and honor they deserve.

    THANKS FOR YOUR SERVICE, which is appreciated, even by old angry draftee/enlistees like me. I used to refer to my last duty station in Vietnam as the 101st Heroin/Race Riot/Fragging Division, and before my ETS, they asked me if I wanted a promotion, and I angrily said, “No! Just leave me alone!” LOL

    I thought things would go away and I’d go back to being a 19 year old, naïve kid when I left the military....LOL...and as we know, our fantasies and realities are often quite different.

    KEEP ON DOING ALL OF THAT GOOD STUFF YOU DO, AAAA. God Bless, and good luck. Roger.
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