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    Kony 2012 - What is the Truth?


    Suddenly something hits the news, something you haven't heard of before that grabs your attention and you get the feeling that it just isn't right. With the planet seemingly in financial meltdown whilst governments appear to be throwing endless money at taking us into wars in the Middle East for no rhyme or reason (except they say they are protecting the peoples of those countries, bringing them democracy and keeping us safe from terrorism (what!!!!)). In fact ‘protecting’ us merely restricts our very own freedoms and steers us away from any democracy that we assumed we had, a formulated plan that is being hastened through with great momentum over the last few months in Europe and in the USA too, using the same process saying it’s for trade, by the look of it.

    Suddenly a story about Africa is unleashed,’ Kony 2012, Invisible Children’, so smoothly marketed that it brings in millions of dollars to the people behind it, whilst it is aimed at the youth of the world; using social networking to create a massive emotive movement throughout the West, which not only supports the cause, but also makes sure people send their money to the Kony2012 charity by buying the ‘kit’ (a box containing posters and wrist bands etc) so they can really belong and feel they are doing something worthy to aid Ugandan children.

    The very interesting part of this is, that it is mostly young people who are now asking questions and it seems that there is a new awareness with the public to ask why, where and when before they believe all that is being thrown at them through the usual media channels. I watched the original Kony 2012 video with interest and yes, it’s a slick well edited presentation by a professional film maker who even brings his own little tot into the film to add the twee sentiment to it all. It’s about someone called Kony who abducted Ugandan children and trained them as soldiers as well as making some young girls sex slaves to his regime. Not a nice character, and as I would think, everyone would agree that he should be brought to justice for what he did to those children. But then people started to speak out, Kony apparently hasn’t been seen for 6 years and there are stories going around that he died 5 years ago. Yet suddenly after this huge venture to recruit followers to this charity, the US government are talking about sending the troops in to Uganda to seek this villain who hasn’t appeared for so many years, all this whilst other regimes are still in action who systematically abuse their own people.

    I watched more videos from people who have made their own little films to say something just doesn’t add up with all this and it seems they have a point. The comment section too has been stopped on the original Kony 2012 film, so people will have to watch all the evidence they can find to see if they think Kony 2012 is the real thing, or just a marketing ploy to make money and an excuse for governments to send troops to Africa for whatever political gain that would bring them.

    As Second Life is a social networking site, I searched there for Kony 2012 and wasn’t disappointed, there is a plot of virtual land set up to watch the video, so it looks like they have covered every media source they could think of to market this particular charity.

    I’m not making a judgement here, just looking at what evidence there is so far and it’s up to people to support what they think is right, but these are unique times, times when the very structure of our economies and constitutional laws are being taken apart piece by piece, so people need to be aware and ask questions before they commit to, or part with their hard earned money, to any cause without looking into what is really going on. At least find out how the millions of dollars sent to the charity are actually being used and then make up your minds. I’m not giving the landmark for this Kony 2012 site in SL, I’m not judging it, but I’m certainly not promoting it.

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