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    Posted March 15, 2012 by
    Beirut, Lebanon
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    Outrageous news: A secret prison in Beirut


    On June 25, 2011 the chief of the so called Hizbullah known by "Hassan" revealed in his speech the discovery of spies inside his organization. Hassan who is hiding in the suburb of Beirut since the last war between Lebanon and the Israelians in 2006, has pretended that the detected spies had been recruited by the CIA and not by the Mossad. For him, because the Mossad was not able to infiltrate to his organization, the Central Intelligence Agency was behind the recent recruitment of some highly ranked responsibles. Further to this annoucement, the Israelies and American medias had implicitly applauded for such discovery and had purposely given an additional support to the so called Hizbullah by sending flattering messages on how much this organization is powerful. The Israelians and American messages have aimed at to keep the Lebanese worry and desperate to not revolt on such armed Iranian party in Lebanon because no more military operations in the south in spite of the occupation of Chebaa farms by the Israelians. Robert Baer, a former senior CIA officer who worked against the so called Hizbullah while stationed in Beirut in the 1980's, said the so called Hizbullah typically executes individuals suspected of or caught spying. “If they were genuine spies, I don’t think we’ll ever see them again,” he said. “These guys are very, very vicious“. In fact Robert Baer didn't update his information to consider the secret prison the Hizb have in the suburb of Beirut. Then, where are they?


    After the discovery of those CIA's informants, the so called Hassan Nasrallah didn't dare to tell the names of the spies and even his organization didn't defame them as in the case of the telecom engineer Tarek Rabaa who has been exploited to target the Special Tribunal for Lebanon. This unbalanced standards of the so called Hizbullah have made the Lebanese skeptic on the goal behind those defamation campaigns and many have commenced to think their serious involvment in assassinating Rafic al Hariri.


    The general prosecutor in Lebanon Saiid Mirza and the military prosecutor Sakr Sakr didn't take any action on this dangerous announcement of spies who are until today not delivered to the Lebanese authorities. The president Michel Sleiman and the prime minister Nagib Mikati, the government and all deputies are aware of the disappearance of those spies but they keep silent as if they didn't hear and they didn't see. Trusted sources have confirmed the presence of a secret jail in the suburb of Beirut used for such cases to hide kidnappees inside. Many Lebanese were already kidnapped by the so called Hizbullah for years then delivered to the military intelligence to end by a political sentences issued by the military court which is also ruled by the so called Hizbullah. For example a Lebanese citizen has been kidnapped since 3 years, and high ranking officials have confirmed Joseph Sader is alive in a secret jail in the suburb of Beirut. The sad mother of Joseph Sader died last year and until today the Lebanese state is not able to liberate him. Also, many Lebanese who were sentenced lately for collaborating with the Mossad have confessed for being imprisoned for 3 years in the secret jail of the so called Hizbullah.
    Observers have confirmed the awerness of politicians in Lebanon regarding the outrageous unlawful behaviors of the so called Hizbullah but they don't care. Also the United States and the UN are aware of those violations of international law, yet they are careless because Lebanon has no petrol resources to draw their attention. Analysts are not shocked by the USA position because the States as well the Israelians are secretly backing up the tyrant regime in Syria, Iran and the so called Hizbullah as part of the Pentagon plot to rule the middle east by increasing the conflicts to test the theory of managing by chaos. Experts in the foreign policies commented on the Russian- Chinese veto on Bachar Assad "they will not dare without consent.

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