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    Posted March 16, 2012 by
    Syosset, New York
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    Occupy Wall Street

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    Bissinger gets it wrong.

    Buzz Bissinger and Carol Costello totally missed the point of the students yelling at that Kansas State basketball player.
    The young people of America are enraged and frustrated, think Occupy Wall Street. All that was promised to them has been taken , by greedy, criminal, incompetent corporations, and in some cases, people.
    They were told, study hard, stay straight, and if they listened to their elders, worked hard, went to college, they'd be welcomed out into the world...yet all that is gone for them, and they are frustrated and angry.
    So while their response to the bball player is despicable by all measures, it is not specifically about racism, or xenophobia, .. rather it's another expression of frustration from a group that followed the rules and now have learned, the rules mean nothing ...there are no rules, and their wold is filled with uncertainty and frustration and underemployment, and massive personal student debts...the whole world they had worked so hard for and hoped for, and were promised, is not there.. and boomers , who have made it BIG, like Buzz, sit there pompously and say, " oh just play the game"..well that's easy for him! He's a multi millionaire! But he's a perfect example of what is so frustrating with the previous generations, who have screwed up the economy to such a degree, the lives these young people want to build cannot be done...they don't understand...or don't want to understand. and that makes for a combustible situation. "Oh just play the game"...well yes, play, don't make racist taunts...but respect understand and acknowledge where that hatefulness comes from... totally inexcusable behavior of course,   however, as an intelligent leader (as Buzz suggests he is) he should understand the "why" of those chants, and not just react in the visceral, superficial way he did.
    After all, if employment prospects don't improve for this generation, even those with advanced, and professional degrees, how else is their frustration going to manifest itself? If it's reached this ugly place (yelling racist comments in public to an innocent basketbal player) what is next?
    This generation will be so marred by the economic collapse, and it's implications for their lives ahead, they 'll be like our grandparents, or older, who lived through the depression...and many years later would still wash and save used aluminum foil...rather then throw it out as "waste". THIS is the real story that CNN should tell...our young people have lost faith in the American dream....and think that is all a bunch of BS...and years from now, when they all get through it, somehow, with alot of pain, they'll make their last student loan payment, and then go wash the aluminum foil so they can use it again...and curse the amorphous enemy that took away all their hopes and dreams.

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