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    When We Can Almost Hear The Forks and Knives Against the Ceramic Plates And The Incessant Conversation of Different Voices In a Painting We Have a Genious Painter



    As time passes, irrevocable and merciless, there remains but moments left to the keen eye of an artist to capture and freeze for eternity. These are all my memories. They just happen to end up being paintings but they're still my memories of what I have taken with me. -Michael De Brito


    Michael De Brito is an American with close ties to Portuguese more precisely Algarve. Family is for the last 5 years a main source of work inspiration. His techniques reveal an extreme maturity and a deep connection to the family universe. Despite his age he is already part of the faculty of the National School of Fine Arts Academy, the Pastel Society of America, National Arts Club and Salmagundi Club

    He was born in 1980 in the United States and received a BFA from Parsons School of Design in 2003. He continued his studies at New York Academy of Art and the Salmagundi Artists Club. Brito was recently honored by the Pollack-Krasner Foundation Grant and was awarded the gold medal at the prestigious Allied Artists of America, Audubon Artists and the Society of Illustrators. His work was chosen to be included in the BP Exhibition 2006 in National Portrait Gallery in London and the Scottish National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh.

    The artist from New Jersey from a figurative tradition paints ordinary scenes and sees himself as a portraitist. I would say an everyday pictorial cinematographer...Why?
    Every painting has an unique and personal history . The hasty routine of modern life allows little time to recognize the more subtle things that require stopping, thinking, and reflecting. The tablecloth, visitors, aprons each painting represents another chapter in this ongoing family tale . Over the past five years, he chose to paint family scenes. The kitchen, where relatives and friends came together on numerous occasions. The public is invited make an examination on the patterns of life as a ritual. All the quirky details are there. It is an explosion of sensorial experience. A phone that rings, a last minute visitor reveal intimate stories about a specific place and time . Every scenario is definitely unpretentious. "with the modern mass communication contemporary artists found themselves against a rock, there is an inevitable disconnection between the artist and audience." I cannot disagree more because Michael's work is a reality where we are almost part of, not in a voyeuristic manner but in a virtual way. Even with his Muse there's an implicit dialog; The most spectacularly virtue is this permanent dialogue that make us blush sometimes due to the experienced intimacy. One can almost hear the forks and knives against the ceramic plates, the uncorking of a bottle of red wine, the incessant conversation of different voices, the culture, the family intimacy; The beauty and simplicity of a picnic on the beach can also transport us to any Algarve beach site. The artist grandmother is a art subject is seen in several paintings that could fit in any traditional Portuguese family. Also, sometimes the idea (maybe wrongly assumed) that the subject questions him sometimes with undisguised disapproval, as if to say: "don't you see I'm ...? .

    As for all the controversy about copyright (say ACTA SOPA ...) and "... what they call violation of copyright... copyrights are actually violated when someone appropriates a painting for example claiming to be the author when in fact, is not. The conventional copyright infringement that criticizes someone who wants to talk about particular topic and copy (copy, paste) a picture or other type of media in addition not to be a violation , in most cases give support to the Author.


    The simple fact that his biggest challenge was to paint the portrait of President of The Portuguese Constitutional Court Rui Manuel Gens de Moura Ramos at the President request reveals an humble spirit but also a straight relation with Portugal.
    When we talk about influences the artist gave me several names, but the way reality is shown on his paintings, make him a reference and certainly an influence to new and old generations of painters.

    "My creative process is complex and not complex- sometimes arise from sketch- but most of the times requires a more complex process, going through various techniques (the artist has in his Sketches also with an impressive depth technique. )Michael is already a reference and with no doubt, you can identify his work in any Figurative Exhibition among other names because is work type and characteristics are unparalleled and incomparable in the American Portrait Painting.


    His work is in exhibition in the well known ELEANOR ETTINGER GALLERY (24 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019) and at UNIVERSITY OF MAINE- MUSEUM OF ART


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