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    Posted March 20, 2012 by
    Montréal, Quebec

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    Penny Auction – The New Fad in Town


    It is a known fact that the growth of penny auction sites is witnessing a northward movement. In fact, the concept of penny auctions has added new dimensions and new insights into the traditional idea of 'auctions'. Among these penny auction sites, Deal Cent is slightly different because you can request for a refund even after the auction process is completed . But, such a request has to be submitted within 7 days after you receive the item you have purchased through the auction. Of course, you can not expect to get the entire amount you have invested. You will get refund of the auction price only. You will not be refunded the bid costs you have paid.


    For those who are new to this concept of penny auctions, there may be a slight confusion about the processes that are followed in them. For complete understanding of this concept and to be sure if Dealcent gives you the best customer service, you should first know how a penny auction site works. If you take part in a penny auction, you should pay a non-refundable fee, that is otherwise known as the cost of the bid, for placing your incremental bid. If you are the successful bidder in the end, you will have paid the final bid price as well as the costs of the bids also. But, in most cases, the final bid price will be much lower than the price of the item. So, you stand to gain even though you have paid costs of the bids also. For the auctioneer, he or she will have got the final bid price and also the bid fees.


    The major difference between traditional auctions and penny auctions is that in penny auctions, the auction time is extended every time bids are placed. On the other hand, in traditional auctions, there is a restriction on the auction time. So, the auction process will continue in a penny auction as long as bidders continue their bidding. So, when you desire to participate in these auctions, you should be ready to invest not only your money but your time also.


    If you are not the successful bidder, you lose the cost of bids also. In traditional auctions, unsuccessful bidders do not lose any money. That is one of the reasons penny auctions are being criticized by many people. A few experts are harsh in their opinion and they call this type of auctions as "gambling".


    The popularity of sites like Dealcent.com is perhaps due to the economic downturn. People are struggling to make both ends meet. But, the economic down-slide does not seem to deter them from acquiring new gadgets. They keep finding out innovative ways to get these items at reduced costs. Penny auctions make available to them such items at reduced prices. That is the reason auction sites like Dealcent.com are getting more and more popular. The uniqueness about Deal cent is that the site sells many factory sealed items and they include electronic items like like HD TVs and iPads also.


    It is true that there is a mushroom growth of such penny auction sites. Therefore, you are advised to do your research thoroughly before you participate in them. You should know more about Dealcent also before you decide to invest your time and money in it.

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