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    [speakoutforum] THE REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS 36%


        Libertarian National Chairman, Mark Hinkle, points out the Obama administration is crowing about a drop in the unemployment rate to 8.3% in February 2012. Unfortunately, a large part of the decline since the 10.0% peak reached earlier in his term is the result of people who have given up looking for work. In fact, the percentage of working-age Americans currently unemployed stands at 36.3%, the highest rate of his administration and the worst since the 1980s. Two major parties in every Western country try to commoditize all voters, transforming them to vegetables in the center field! Rabblerousers gravitate to two dominant parties running for the center, trying to offend as few people as possible. This produces a groupthink where everybody avoids the issues when they're running for office. Most Westerners are disappointed in both major parties. They're hungry for a new approach, a new party, truly committed to substantive ideas, and not just to getting elected and focusing on their particular election cycles.  http://venitism.blogspot.com Hinkle notes Libertarians running for local, state and federal offices offer several proposals that can help end what is becoming a permanent disaster for the economy. At the state and local levels occupational licensing laws, zoning and building codes block tens of millions from entering or changing professions and from starting their own small businesses. Regulation, in general, is a job killer: the states with the heaviest regulatory burdens are usually the ones with the highest unemployment rates. Lemmings are Arctic rodents of poor eyesight, which can drown en masse. American lemmings vote for Republicans or Decocrats. Europeans behave like lemmings when they masochistically vote for kleptocrats. British lemmings vote for Whigs or Tories. Greek lemmings vote for Pasok or Nea Democratia. Eurolemmings rely on the spinmill of Brussels bromides. Are you a lemming? Are you a victim of taxation and kleptocracy? It's time for soulsearching and vision examination. Hinkle laments Washington, DC is the job-killing champion. The current collapse in employment, especially among minorities and younger potential workers, coincided with the ratcheting up of the federal minimum wage by more than 40% in 3 steps in the summers of 2007, 2008, and 2009. It's hardly surprising that the unemployment rate, after steadily dropping for 4 years, bottomed at 4.4% in the spring of 2007, just before the first increase, and peaked at 10.0% in the fall of 2009, shortly after the final one. Citizens who want the government out of their wallets, their bedrooms, their businesses, and their lives must vote for libertarians. Only libertarians try to minimize government and maximize individual liberty. It's not a shame to lose an election, but it's a shame to compromise your values in order to win an election. Obsession with polls is a sign of weak soul. The two major parties are willing to say anything and promise everything in order to win an election. Of course, after the election most promises are conveniently forgotten. The two major parties need an awakening call. Smart words are more effective than smart bombs! Mighty words of a charismatic keynote speaker can transform your people to a new dimension of organizational climate, efficiency, self-actualization, enthusiasm, belonging, and motivation. I would like very much to speak at your conference in order to explain critical points much further. Basil Venit

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