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    Posted March 23, 2012 by
    bluffton, South Carolina
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    Hunger Games Shows Society in a New Light


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     GoGreen58 shared this review of the midnight screening of "The Hunger Games" he saw this morning. He sees the movie as a dystopian parable for where society could be headed in the future. 'The Capitol is using fear tactics to keep districts 1-12 in control,' They suck the life from the districts and be prepared for the next movie which could be about them revolting. Hopefully our future society doesn't come to this.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    Hunger Games was an awesome movie because it not only entertained me but it made me think about society. It shows you how poor people/countries make the rich people/countries richer. For example, the child sweat shops in some countries. The items they make could be worth hundreds of dollars, but they are barely getting paid. This keeps them poor, but makes the rich get richer, and it’s wrong. Personally America shouldn’t want to support any business that goes overseas to take advantage of sweatshops, slavery, or child labor. 100% American made is the way to go. In the movie the poorer districts was working their tails off and doing the duty work, while the richer districts was getting richer from the poorer districts. The richer districts had better food, and even smelled BETTER!!! Also the movie showed the foreshadowing of nuclear war. Our country has the power to wipe any country off the map. The question is because it shows it in the movie, if a county attacked or revolted against America with weapons; would we wipe them out with nuclear weapons? It also shows how the Capitol keeps fear in the hearts of the districts, with these Hunger Games. We most certain have the power to do it. The movie was awesome and I give it a 10 out of 10. The whole family should go see it, because like I said, it not only is an entertaining action packed movie, but it will teach you a lesson about our society. May God Bless America
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