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    Posted March 24, 2012 by
    Beirut, Lebanon
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    Spy on what in Lebanon? A ready charge for spying to threat the Lebanese


    Every other day, the so called Hizbullah announces the arrest of a spy in Lebanon and if not in Lebanon, it's in Iran. According to the rate of spies arrested, Lebanon will be the winner in the contest of Guinness Book records, but is this true? Is this rate of spies justified or such charge is used to beat the opponents of Iran in Lebanon and to help the so called Hizbullah to rule Lebanon?. Observers and experts of the Lebanese environment have confirmed that Lebanon has no advanced technology or nuclear weapon to trigger the CIA, the Mossad, the MI6 or any other foreign intelligence department to invest on recruiting spies on something already not available. The Lebanese army's weapons are supplied by the United States and the Telecom networks are supplied by foreign suppliers, then what will remain to spy on? The so called Hassan Nasrallah has announced the infiltration of CIA's to his organization by recruiting some members affiliated to his party, yet he didn't deliver them to the Lebanese authorities using the pretext of not trusting the military court he's already ruling. If this story is true, then the spies are within his own organization and not from another environment. The issue is not there, but the catastrophe is that the so called Hizbullah is accusing his opponents by being spies to the extent the central jail in Lebanon becomes saturated by political prisoners and on the top of the list is the telecom engineer Tarek Omar Rabaa who has been imprisoned since 2010 because of this Iranian party.
    In reality, the so called Hizbullah is careless about collaborating with the Mossad because himself is the number one collaborator with the Israelians after July was 2006 and this has been confirmed by facts and by some sentenced spies who had confessed to work as double agents for both the Mossad and the so called Hizbullah. Moreover, Hassan, their leader, is hiding since 2006 not because he fears the Israelian to assassinate him, but because he fears an assassination from inside especially after accusing him to kill Rafic al Hariri.
    The Israelians are defending the tyrant Syrian regime because there's no resistance to their occupation to the Joulan hills and they have given the full support to the so called Hizbullah to rule Lebanon under the cover of the United States of America because no more resistance in the south of Lebanon. Also, Fayez Karam who confessed for spying has been sentenced for only 2 years after the intervention of the so called Hizbullah just to please their ally Michel Aoun from one side, and to threat their opponents from another side by conveying a message "if our ally is in jail, what about you!". Last week, the council of deputies has approved to reduce the year of prison to 9 months in order to release Fayez Karam after 1.5 years of imprisonment while others political prisoners will remain in jail until further notice.
    As a conclusion, accusing the Lebanese for spying becomes a fad in Lebanon to imprison those who can serve the so called Hizbullah policy to rule Lebanon, but the mask of the Mossad, the CIA and the so called Hizbullah has dropped and a new scandal is emerging to show the real faces of those hidden black hands that endanger the stability in the middle east by protecting the tyrant regimes and collaborating with the so called Hizbullah.

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