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    One year since Trayvon Martin's death

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    Cause & Effect of Mr. Treyvon Martin Killing

    Cause and Effect
    This is a case of Cause and Effect. You might be asking yourself why? We’ll let me explain my theory
    First off there were several cases of burglary in the neighborhood of RETREAT VIEW CIR SANFORD FL before Mr. Martin was killed in cold blood by Mr. Zimmerman.
    Each and every one of these burglaries was performed by black males wearing similar clothing in and around the same address where Mr. Zimmerman was staking out and watching. If you look at the Stanford police report you will see exactly what I am stating. Also a few of the Black males were caught red handed with the evidence.
    If none of these burglaries ever happened then Mr. Martin would still be alive today but that is not the case due to a few bad black people that are part of the same group that are claiming racism. I’m sure that Mr. Zimmerman is most likely a racist but the cause and effect was due to people of the same race causing the event to happen in the first place.
    Now for the events that took place by M. Zimmerman which caused the death of Mr. Martin cannot be blamed on anyone but Mr. Zimmerman himself as he claims self-defense while carrying a concealed weapon all the while not ever identifying himself to Mr. Martin. Also why did Mr Zimmerman who had a cell phone not ever try to just take a picture of Mr. Martin? I mean come on if this was truly a neighborhood captain then should he not have at least a camera rather than a gun to snap some pictures rather than to act like a criminal himself by pursuing Mr. Martin making him nervous and afraid for his own life. This we know due to the 911 tape audio and the phone call of the person Mr. Martin was talking to at the time of the event.
    First of all the rules of a person that is issued a concealed weapon requires that person to identify his self which had he of done there would never of been reason for Mr. Zimmerman and Mr. Martin to have had a struggle that led to the shooting of Mr. Martin. The other things that never happen were an investigation of the shooting. The police responsibility regardless of wrong or right had the responsibility to take possession of the firearm. Mr. Zimmerman should have been arrested at that time or detained to get finger prints and gun residue as evidence to the shooting regardless of a rightful shooting or wrongful shooting by Mr. Zimmerman. The Chief of Police is also responsible to review the permit that was issued to Mr. Zimmerman which was never done and could not be done as the weapon was never taken into custody or was a report ever filed of the shooting. Which leads me to ask; how many other concealed weapons permits have been issued by the chief of police that have not been investigated properly after a public shooting of a person or crime.
    The bottom line of this entire event is the blame or cause and effect of the
    1. Chief of police
    2. Stanford police department
    3. The individuals that committed the prior crimes in the neighborhood
    4. Mr. Zimmerman
    The one and only reason that this is now a race issue is due to the media presenting the public with pictures of Mr. Martin as a young kid when in fact he was much older at the time of his killing. Had the media presented a recent picture and the fact that there were several other crimes commit by Black males in and around the same area this would never have made the social event that it is now leading up to be? This is going to be another; Rodney King uproar all over again because facts of the story were left out to obtain a much higher rating.

    This was written by a White American Citizen after reviewing all the facts available to me at the time. This is just my point of view and should not be taken out of context as being racist or anything political by the GOP.

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