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    Posted September 4, 2008 by
    Shreveport, Louisiana
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    Sarah Palin: Is there a double standard?

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    Just because VP hopeful Palin's teenage DAUGHTER is pregnant does not in any way negatively reflect on her ability to weather a crisis or micro manage daily routines. If anything, it makes her that much more capable. This woman has been and still is in positions that normal, hard working parents in the United States finds themselves in every day.



    I had my first child just shy of my 18th birthday as a junior in high school. I was not married and of course still living at home. I went on to finish high school get a college degree and married the father of the child. It was not an easy endeavor, but it made me strong, helped me learn to cope with all of lifes challenges and I believe it made me able to look at people and learn what they are about before I go pointing fingers.



    Sarah Palin may not have the experience that maybe the Kennedy's or the Bush's had and still have, but does Obama have the experience to trump her with? At least Palin will be the VP and possibly have a chance to learn before she ever steps into a position of complete power, Obama wants the dinner before he buys the groceries. It almost seems that we are willing to look the other way when it comes to Obama but not Palin? How is that correct?



    I have been a single mom trying to raise my three children after my husband passed in 2003, and I can tell you one thing about starting early and being a mom. You learn real quick how to work through all of lifes huge problems and bring them down to a manageable size.



    I am astounded that people are so against putting Sarah Palin in office because of her lack of experience in politics, something that makes her a better more down to earth candidate, when we were able to elect a man who stood there and bold face lied to his wife, his children and our country 12 years ago. 



    Admittedly, the republicans knew they could not hide her daughters condition from the country very long, but had they tried they possibly could have hid it until after the primary election, but they didn't even try. Now how is that for charachter and values. Palin knows that when push comes to shove you stand behind your family/people. We need more people like this in high offices, she knows where the average american started, where they are going and most importantly where we all need to end up.



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