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    Posted March 27, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Will the U.S. Supreme Court Keep Obamacare, or Throw Another of Our Protections Out?


    Remember the days when health care insurance companies could drop you? Yes, the good old days of high profits for insurance companies, big dividends for shareholders in these companies, and millions of Americans filing bankruptcy from being dropped because they got sick?


    Some special interests want our government to protect us less from corporate tyranny and greed. They've convinced many that they don't need the protections of Obamacare.


    "Government run health care" is quite different than "government regulated health care". Both are actually better. Ask a senior citizen, especially one that knows Medicare is a government run program, how they feel about their health care.

    Ask a 26 year old how they feel about being able to stay on their parents' plan until they can afford their own when jobs are slow to come back in our economy.


    And then ask yourselves which is more important- profits and greed as we once had before Obamacare or a transformation of a for profit system to a "for care and health system"?

    Republicans want to go back to a system that didn't work for the majority of Americans.


    Why do Republicans and some Americans oppose Obamacare?

    Doesn't the Affordable Care Act ask millions of Americans to buy health care insurance from private insurance companies? Doesn't it ask more people to be personally responsible for their health care coverage when they can afford it?


    Yes..and yes. These are both positions that Republicans, including Mitt Romney once supported. But it appears that Republicans fear this law will lead to a true public option for Americans like buying into Medicare.


    Medicare would compete with private insurance companies.


    We can only hope that the U.S. Supreme Court, controlled by Republicans, will keep Obamacare.


    The GOP wish to destroy Obama's signature legislation and hope to weaken him for the upcoming election.


    If the Supreme Court's history, since Chief Justice Robert's appointment, is any indication of their future view of protections of citizen rights vs. corporate interests- Citizens United and Turners vs. Rogers' decision shows we have much work to do.



    Americans can always hope and pray that the Supreme Court will act on our behalf, but I would hold your breath.

    Corporate interests and money will prevail as long as the Supreme Court believes that corporations are people and we are pieces of flesh to be exploited by the new plantation owners.

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