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    Graduating Magna Cum Laude from Harvard Law School is not alone proof of competency.



    During the Barack Obama segment of CNN’s “Black in America”, it was shown where Black kids were eating and breathing asbestos. Black residents complained, and an asbestos abatement crew arrived to remove asbestos from building management’s front office, leaving the rest of the Black residents to suffer. It is common knowledge as to the harmful permanent lung damaging and cancer causing agents associated with breathing asbestos fibers. CNN basically made it plain to any viewer that so-called attorney Barack Obama……former Senator Barack Obama….now President Barack Obama walked away from this serious asbestos health related set of incidents, to do nothing.



    Some community organizer, civil rights lawyer, or indeed truly incompetent elected official this guy must be. Barack Obama was more concerned about his own claim to fame and not the best interests of any Black community.


    It is what a graduate or individual does in real life, be it university educated or otherwise to prove competency that matters, and not a university degree or sheepskin.


    President Obama, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, multiple members of the Congressional Black Caucus, other elected black leaders at the State, County, and City jurisdictions of government are truly dysfunctional.


    Barack Obama went on to Harvard Law School, graduated from Harvard Law School, returning to South Side of Chicago to do more of the same, meaning to do nothing, other than to use the plight of poor residents of the South Side Chicago Black community to promote himself to elected office. He has yet to practice law to use his expertise to file claims against the perpetrators for wrongful death, violation of property rights, violation of Constitutional rights, asbestos claims for damages, etc., in behalf of any truly innocent Black man, woman, or child victimized by the serious violation of law or health violations of any perpetrator.

    Barack Obama has however authored worthless “Racial Profiling” initiatives which will not bring redress in behalf of any victim(s), nor will this curtail any perpetrators future involvement or make for effective action to stop unlawful wrongful death, unwarranted jailing, unwarranted fining, unjustified maiming or killing, serious violation of property rights, violation of Constitutional rights, asbestos claims for damages, etc., in behalf of any innocent Black man, woman, or child victimized by the serious violation of law or health violations of others.

    Unlike tort practice to which mega-bucks in damages in behalf of any victim(s) are indeed possible, worthless “Racial Profiling” bills lack any punitive or exemplary damage benefit. Drafting racial profiling bills enable perpetrators to be exhonorated of any financial liability for any harm done to the innocent. Drafting racial profiling bills are not in any regard a part of mandated Constitutional protections.


    All elected officials are mandated by law and sworn under oath of office to respect the Constitution and not to draft worthless racial profiling bills.


    This being said all those Black people out there who love and praise no good self serving sleazy pompous treasonous cut throat Barack Obama, and/or other treasonous elected Black leaders, either don’t have a clue, lack common sense, and/or any Black man or woman, who fits the description must be just as disgraceful, worthless and/or treasonous as Barack Obama, and/or other no good treasonous misfit Black leaders, etc.



    Those Black people who don’t buy into, or who refuse to follow the sleaze of Barack Obama, such as myself, have strong valid reasons to vote for anyone else but worthless President Obama.



    The true heroes of any community don’t need the praise of the media, don’t need a pat on the back or to look forward to praise from any Caucasian, or otherwise, don’t need to brag about the possession of any Harvard University law degree, doctorate degree, and/or other prestigious award, because their deeds to do the right thing to protect the best interests of the community, the black community in this instance, stand tall on its’ own merit.


    Although a glass ceiling exists for Black people to move forward in any outside community, there is no glass ceiling for any qualified Black man, woman, or child who strives to use their expertise to protect the best interest of the Black community.

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