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    How God Speaks to Us


    Ask any believer how God speaks to us and you will receive a veritable deluge of responses. Then try to imagine how all the incredibly detailed events of Genesis were communicated, recorded and then transcribed into the bible for us to understand.

    A discovery made in the year 1994 provides a unique scientific explanation and coincidentally opens a portal to communications by the 'Author of the Bible'.

    On Christmas Day 1994, I discovered a collection of small scribed stones capable of projecting photographic detailed images. I called these unique artifacts ‘petro photoglyphs’ or photo inscribed stones. Photo-images projecting from a petro photoglyph develop as a continuous video message, a whole recording or hologram when they are properly illuminated or ‘lit-up’.

    The contiguous photo-detailed messages provide a communication and open a 'portal to the artisan of the scribed stone artifacts'. The hologram projections form a language of video projections that transcends all language barriers.

    Today, we can understand petro photoglyphs to be a media providing communications from an ancient and highly advanced intelligence. Time-capsule messages requiring modern technology to ‘light-up’ in order to be viewed and understood within a ‘sphere of spectrum specific illumination’.

    Deciphering or translating the stone scribed hologram projections requires little more than our database of collective human knowledge. History, mythology, religion and science define the projected codices as the images enhance the significance and interpretation of the information.

    'Time-Capsule Communications' without the boundaries of conventional written or spoken languages…perfect 3-Dimensional Hologram Inscribed Artifacts...'Portals to an Ancient and Highly Advanced Intelligence'.


    An artifact with a similar applied inscription technology has inspired, provided cohesion and coagulated humanity in a world of scattered languages and religions.  The 500 year old tequila fiber tilma or poncho called: The Virgin of Guadalupe is a perfect example of an artifact projecting 'hologram photo detail images'.

    In 1531...a door was opened to Juan Diego...a native of the New   World. Today...this artifact is the one of the most revered in all the world. Today...with our technology...we again OPEN a portal.

    The Virgin of Guadalupe...development - full

    The Virgin of Guadalupe...detailed development.

    Small photo scribed stones called 'Petro Photoglyphs' open a portal to the same Alien Intelligence...through a similar inscription technology.

    Time-Capsule Messages...the Hologram Projections...Transcribed into Religious Scripture & Mythology.

    1. The Ancient GOD who saved humanity in the Altrahasis and Genesis 6.

    2. House of the Mountain...the Temple Compound and Altar of Abraham.

    3. A Time-Capsule Message...A Star Map Detailing the Coming.

    The Orion Codex...A Stone Scribed Communication

    The Ancient Image & the Orion Codex

    An Ancient Time-Capsule Cosmic Message

    4. Tethered Avatars and a Portal to the Communications of One We Have Called God:

    The Biblical Unicorn...Behemoth...Leviathan of  JOB 39-41

    The Avatar of and Arm of the Creator

    The 3rd Eye Codex...Avatars & the Emissary

    An Ancient Alien Library of Information...Ancient Knowledge Lost pertaining to Who we are...Where we come from...and Who we are in Contact With.


    'The Oldest Photos Known...Would Have Been Scribed in Stone'

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