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    Posted April 2, 2012 by
    Bluffton, South Carolina
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    America Will Not Tolerate School Shootings!!!


    America this is 100% unacceptable!!! So we are just going to sit on our tails and keep letting people shoot up our schools? This is a trend that’s starting to up rise, when you get mad go shoot up a school. Why are people not doing nothing to protect us STUDENTS!!!! Parents you better hug and always tell your kids you love them before they walk out the house, because schools are just totally unsafe anymore. People say “Schools were never safe.” So why haven’t we made them safe yet? Personally I have a solution for it, but people tell me “Byron that’s going to cost too much.” So are we putting a price on a life now? It’s so easy to walk on a campus and hurt people.  I tell you what; if specialized teachers are not going to be given guns then maybe we should take action into our own hands? Maybe we should protect ourselves by having a gun on us at all times. If no one is going to protect us, then we should have a RIGHT to protect ourselves. Why should we lose our life, because of someone going mad? All it takes is one person to make another person very angry, and then BOOM! What are we going to do if a student decides to put explosives in a book bag? I guess people are just going to say “Oh we can’t do anything about it.” This is bull crap, because we can do something about anything we put our minds TO!!! Look we can do something right now, because I bet someone is getting bullied RIGHT NOW and someone is just letting it happen. Are we that weak to stand up for someone who's getting bullied? Parents it’s up to you to know what’s happening in your child’s life every single day. It’s a shame if you don’t know your child is getting bullied. Don’t give me an excuse that your child doesn’t want to talk about something, because WHO IS THE PARENT??? America we have two choices: either we continue to sit here and keep saying “nothing can be done about it” or we can band together, put our minds into it, and come up with a solution to stop these things from happening. America we WILL NOT tolerate school shootings ANYMORE! United We Stand and May God Bless America
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