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    Posted April 2, 2012 by
    New York, New York
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    One year since Trayvon Martin's death

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    The African American Spring; Trayvon Martin’s Legacy


    African American’s are fired up, I mean really fired up for the first  time in a very long time and the Trayvon Martin shooting is the catalyst  however will it lead us to a positive or negative end.  Last week I had  the honor of asking the first question on Soledad O’Brien’s Special  Beyond Trayvon, Race and Justice in America.

    My original question was How do you reconcile the 2nd Amendment, Stand  Your Ground Laws and the citizen’s arrest provision of the constitution  and what happened to Trayvon Martin?
    Because of Sound Bite Television I was asked to ask this question; how do you prove Stand Your Ground in a case like Trayvon’s?

    While the answer was not known who had the Stand Your Ground Right in  this case as a few facts are in question even though many questions are  indeed answered.  Trayvon is dead at the hand of George Zimmerman, and  the only one with a deadly weapon was George Zimmerman.  Trayvon had a  bag of Skittles and an Ice Tea.

    If this is a teachable moment to all races, then it’s vitally important  to understand what to and what not to teach our children as we prepare  them for the world we live in.

    When thoughts of the greatest Civil Rights Leader the world has ever  known, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. I cannot but stop to ask what he would  say and more importantly what would he do with the energy surrounding  this African American Spring.

    Do we really want to teach our children, Reading, Writing and Reloading a  Gun, as opposed to STEM Education preparing them for careers in  Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

    Let’s examine Stand Your Ground and what that means or could mean in a 2nd Amendment world that the NRA would seem to support.
    In the Hood Stand Your Ground might be as simple as not backing down  from someone who stepped on your foot at a club and then got in your  face about it.  Or after a car accident that may or may not have been  your fault.  Anyone remember the gas lines we had in our country and the  fights over cutting in line.   Stupid Stuff really but what Stand Your  Ground might mean in the courts and in the streets are two different  things.

    For example, The New Black Panthers are reported to have put a bounty on  the head of George Zimmerman for $10,000.00 siting its right to  exercise the provisions of the constitution related to Citizen’s  Arrest.

    So here are three distinct laws and provisions of the constitution that  lead us where?  The Right to Bear Arms, Stand Your Ground and Citizen’s  Arrest seem clear but what is the result if every American exercised  this right over their homes and neighborhoods around the nation?
    There are a few obvious solutions that must be put forward and seriously  considered to reconcile the three.  Here are some suggestions and ideas  that I have learned over 50 plus years as a American and Citizen of the  World.

    1st. Yes we have the right to bear Arms guaranteed by the Constitution.

    Solution 1: Allow any American Citizen old enough to vote or go to war  the right to bear arms registered to them with a GIN. Gun Identification  Number.  Like a VIN on a Car or the IP Address on a cell phone each gun  is tracked to an owner and is responsible for what happens with the  weapon.

    Solution 1a: Charge $5,000.00 per bullet.  Yes that’s right Chris Rock  said it years ago and he was right then and he is right now.  You have  the right to bear arms but the ammo should cost a lot of money so that  when that Gun is used a lot of thought is put into that action.

    2nd. Stand Your Ground provides Citizen’s the same power to use force as  a policeman if there is an eminent threat to one’s life.   There are a  number of problems with the subjective nature of this law if it  precludes law enforcement from arresting someone because their account  seems to conflict with the reality like it does in the Zimmerman/Martin  case. 

    3rd, Citizen’s Arrest provisions of the constitution.  Do we really want  citizen’s taking law enforcement into their own hands?  I think not.   However, the call for no justice, no peace must be addressed with  solution and Civil Rights leaders have become flame throwers rather than  reconciliatory. 

    This brings me back to how do we prepare our kids for life.  Do we move  from Civil Rights to Platinum Rights and in the vacuum of leadership  from traditional sources isn’t it time for new leadership.

    If driving while black or walking while black is a real issue, trying to  get a job while black or starting a business while black is equally  daunting.  As we Occupy the Trayvon Martin Movement there must be voices  like that of Martin Luther King who would urge pause and reflection  before the uprising turns into something that no one wants to live  through or have their children involved in.

    Stay tuned for more information about the Civil Rights to Platinum  Rights Movement to create jobs in America through building Africa, a  place we need to get fired up about.

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