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    Posted April 3, 2012 by
    North Augusta, South Carolina
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    One year since Trayvon Martin's death

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    America Wants Justice Not Revenge


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     GoGreen58 is a frequent video commenter on CNN iReport. He said in an e-mail, 'Zimmerman should have been arrested to the truth can be set free. I never see the point of killing someone unless they are in your home. What's so hard about shooting someone in the leg and letting the justice system work itself out. America has learned that stereotyping does kill and we need to stop it before more people die from it. The media needs to stop trying to keep people divided and help bring us together. Justice needs to be served. For America to move on and become more united, we have to put the past in the past.'
    - nsaidi, CNN iReport producer

    We played the RACIST CARD America and look where we are headed. First you have Jessie Jackson and his partner in crime Al Sharpton making money off this (why haven’t we heard them donating all of the funds they have made from interviews and stuff to the Trayvon Martin family???). Second you have the New Black Panther Party who has raised $10,000 for George Zimmerman’s head and their leader wants pure revenge!!! (Revenge is never the answer). Now I’m hearing the media saying a white supremacy group is backing up Zimmerman and if something happens to him, more racist tension will happen. So this is what America wants to show my generation? This is 2012!!! Not the 1970s or 1960s. Now a case has come up where two black teens beat up a 50 year old white man with a hammer and now the man is on life support. They say the report is 6 miles away from where Trayvon Martin tragically got shot. Where are Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton at now? Why haven’t they told black people to calm down and not explode into violence. What Would Martin Luther King Jr. Do??? Look this tragic case was suppose to band America together, not tear us slowly apart. America wanted the justice for an innocent teen, but now since people played the racist card, more people are becoming angrier and angrier by the minute. I know why black people are mad, because to black people if it was a black person who shot a white teen, no questions asked would that black person be in jail. That’s why George needs to be ARRESTED!!! If he is arrested more information will come out and the truth shall be released. Until then prepare America for more violence, because this is what we asked for. Stereotyping has taught America that it kills. How will we ever become more united??? United We Stand and May God Bless America
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