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    Posted April 3, 2012 by
    WEHO, California
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    Out With The Old! In With The New!


    Another Hollywood historic building is going up in "smoke"? This time the wrecking ball is heading to West Hollywood, California historic landmark Pickfair Studios, also known as The Lot, Samuel Goldwyn Studios, United Artists, and  "Warner Studios". 


    Despite the many different names Pickfair Studios has gone through, it must be noted that Pickfair was one of the first film studio that served as both a film sound stage/site and film distribution center, all while being fully independent from the major studios, and is one of the last remaining in almost original capacity. Sadly now Pickfair Studios is in danger of being demolished by developers willing to bring down the structures in exchange for a “newer and better building”.


    Old Hollywood buildings are become a thing of the past. Historic buildings are becoming extinct. Many of the old buildings that are part of the City’s landscape have been demolished or are due for demolition to make room for new modern buildings. Sadly the bulldozing is all being done without any regard whatsoever to history, or preservation of the City's history.


    Most people believe that developers have one mind set, which is to build! Build! Build! Out with the old? In with the new? While destruction of important, and significant landmarks does not play any part in the developer's desire for new constructions? So many areas in Hollywood, and around Los Angeles are being demolished. Developers and builders are proceeding across California's cities like "locus," "eating away" and destroying everything in their paths.


    The West Hollywood City Council need to take a step back, and consider that the reason WEHO has such an incredible "charm" of its own, in large part is due to its old landmarks and buildings that contribute to the beauty of the City. A perfect example of over building and destruction of historic buildings and sites, is next-door neighbor Hollywood, which has lost part of its charm and beauty to new construction.


    If elected officials, and the City Manager do not take action and do something to protect WEHO, the beauty of the city as we all know it is going to be a thing of the past, with its history, landmarks, and historic buildings and sites gone forever. All one has to do is to drive down Hollywood Boulevard which is now merely a "shadow" of its previous beautiful self. It is imperative that the City Council control over construction and protect the history, landmarks and beauty of the City. They must take it very seriously and measures should be taken by government officials to make sure they implement laws that protect the Cities' natural beauty and resources.


    The old studios are gone or have become inaccessible. It is unacceptable that most people in California are not aware of the destruction that is taken place right in front of their eyes.

    People! Wake up!  It is crucial that we all work together to protect and preserve buildings and sites of historic value, and save our cities. People of incredible talents built Hollywood. They invested their genius, energy, efforts, and drive to create something to be preserved and admired. As citizens of this great State we should all fight with all of our might to preserve and protect what they left behind for all of us to enjoy.


    Join the fight! Join the protests! Write a letter to the City Council and let them know you are not going to allow yet another destruction of a landmark and historic site in your community.

    The Pickfair Studios must be saved for all! Power to the People! Peace!

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