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    Posted April 4, 2012 by
    bluffton, South Carolina
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    Class on Good Friday?

    This is ridicules that students have to go to class on Good Friday. If you don’t know what Good Friday is that’s the day Jesus died on the cross for OUR sins. We don’t go to school on Christmas the day he is born in a manger, but we have to go to school the day he DIES On The CROSS??? I've never been to class on Good Friday, and I'm not starting now. All the other special holidays we get off from school, but the most important and saddest day in history, is not respected enough to have a day off. Ok, I see how this is going. Look if you are going to make us go to school on Good Friday, then make us go to school on Christmas. Is it because people don’t give each other gifts on Good Friday? Is it because Good Friday is not going to help the economy? HEY EVERYBODY, go run to Wal-Mart and start fighting over $400 dollar TVs and other nonsense, so Good Friday can finally be celebrated. As a matter of fact, ask a kid what is Christmas suppose to be about, and hopefully the right answer will come out. Yes, it’s important to celebrate Jesus being born in a manger, but without him dying for everyone’s sin on the cross, we wouldn’t have the right to the Tree of Life. Jesus is the world’s savior and he conquered the greatest thing no one will ever conquer, OUR SIN. Its ridicules that professors are giving us test on Good Friday, and that’s basically forcing us to go to class. Oh, I forgot America is starting not to believe in God anymore, so I guess that’s why this day isn’t important. People want “Under God” and “In God We Trust” removed, well without him, who’s protecting America? Who is America under, if we are not “Under God”? People Good Friday needs to be respected and I hope people don’t go to class or work on Good Friday. Remember Jesus is the truth and the light, and NO ONE enters the kingdom of heaven but through HIM. United We Stand and May God Bless America
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