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    Posted April 5, 2012 by
    Gilbert, Arizona
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    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Arizona Republican AZStranger shared his thoughts on why he plans to vote for Obama in the coming presidential election (he also voted for the president in 2008). 'Arizona is purple like Virginia because enough people do inform themselves through first sources (C-SPAN) or more neutral media (Newshour on PBS, NPR, 60 Minutes, etc.),' he said. 'I find many consider Jon Stewart is highly influential, especially when he lays blatant hypocrisy bare.'
    - jmsaba, CNN iReport producer

    A candid assessment of who helped the nation through crisis. Does anyone blame Captain Sully for the people who were injured when he landed the jet on the Hudson River? Why then do we blame the President for the hypothetical of a stronger recovery? But for TARP, Detroit3 Bailout, Stim2009, and FED Reserve loans, would we have a recovery at all? Check the loss in jobs in January 2009 versus January 2010. Could that severe a change in direction simply have happened without direct government intervention? No credible economist thinks so. Yet somehow, we are having difficulty giving credit where credit is due. At our moment of crisis, some leaders fixed problems and others played politics. The election of 2010 will go down in US history as one of the most shameful election results ever. DEMS and Repubs were purged for supporting TARP, Stimulus 2009, and Detroit3 bailout even though these policies saved the financial markets, American Auto Industry, and prevented budgetary collapse in 20 to 30 states across the country. When we were in crisis, President Obama supported and passed the policies that saved the nation from catastrophic depression. As a patriotic American, i can think of no better reason to support a President than their performance during a period of crisis.
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