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    Posted April 5, 2012 by
    San Diego, California
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    While visiting the bohemian community of Ocean Beach in San Diego, my son and I stopped off at the Lazy Hummingbird for an Acai Bowl and some morning coffee.  We ended up encountering a real street artist. By that I mean, she was really doing her thing--literally, in the street!


    I had read the Yelp.com reviews about this charming Lazy Hummingbird but was not aware of just how captivating it could be. Suzie M. on Yelp said "this place is soooo GOOD and whimsical and like finding a little treasure that you just want to cherish. Went to the FedEx store looking to buy some stamps, walked out with a Mexican Monkey (bananas and frozen chocolate mocha espresso with real choc chips.) Local artists/painters featured on the walls, jewelry to buy, giftcards, baklava, quiche, strudel--omg."


    Another Yelper-Deepika D. mentioned "this little nest, Lazy Hummingbird, is my favorite coffee and tea house to exemplify how life is so much more fun outside of facebook. I love the energy of the place, i love the energy of the people this place attracts, i love the energy that goes into my cup of Mexican mocha."


    The ambiance of the Hummingbird is exactly what you'd want to stumble upon in a beach town. Once we stumbled out, my son and I got another surprise!


    Right out in front of the Lazy Hummingbird was a woman who called herself "Butterfly" and exclaimed she was a "hula hoop artist." She stood right out in front of the coffee shop-in the street-and demonstrated to the world her adept handling of up to three hula hoops at a time.


    It was amazing how self-possessed "Butterfly" was in demonstrating her artistry--especially with all the cars whizzing by. I asked her why she insisted upon standing out in the street to get her hula hoop message across and she did not quite have an answer. But I am assuming it had to do with being akin to  a sign waver promoting the Lazy Hummingbird, only done creatively, and off the curb-- with hula hoops.


    "Butterfly" told me she is friendly with one of the owners of the shop and they are into some kind of music thing. Previously, I had run into "Butterfly," who appears to otherwise be a very unique, middle-aged. Jewish lady, in front of the Fresh & Easy Market up in Point Loma. I also met up with her at the "Sleepless in San Diego" charity fund-raiser that the San Diego Rescue Mission puts on every year to raise funds for the homeless. That was as close as I got to an answer as to where Butterfly actually lives and I think it is in her car.


    Last year I'd drop my son off early at high school and hit up Fresh & Easy grocery store very early in the morning. There I would often see Butterfly out amidst the dewy morning getting her hula hoop on to the beautiful sunrise. I would offer to buy Butterfly a cup of coffee at Peet's, but she would not want to stop and drink it and break her "artistic concentration." This woman is surely a trip!


    Perhaps those uptight , entitled, white bread Republican types that inhabit the prosperous areas of Point Loma did not fully appreciate the hula artistry that "Butterfly" conveyed among the parked Lexus SUV's and Mercedes on Catalina Blvd.  Which is probably why, she told me-- in so many words-- that she decided to bring her hula hoop action down into Ocean Beach proper and  grace the Lazy Hummingbird with her presence.


    There is something I find so absolutely thrilling to personally allow: put yourself out there like "Butterfly" does and just do your thing. With not even a passing thought as to how others "see you."  Even though some people drive by this fantastic lady and think she is nuts; there are always people like me who find her to be totally awesome. She is so authentically herself and yes, just like a free-spirited real butterfly.


    Should your voyages even take you down to San Diego, take Interstate 8 west until it dead ends and you will find Ocean Beach. And if you are lucky, pop into the Lazy Hummingbird on Santa Monica Ave. and see what the fuss is all about!


    And, if you are really lucky, "Butterfly" might just be swinging her money-maker right out front too!

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