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    Ron Paul Draws Record-Breaking Crowd of 8500+ at UCLA


        Whenever big gatherings of Ron Paul supporters happen the mainstream media runs for the hills. On April 3rd, Ron Paul held a town-hall style event at Chico State in California and drew a crowd of 6200+. On April 4th, Ron Paul held an event at UCLA's tennis complex and drew a record-breaking 8,500+ attendees. Both Santorum and Romney haven't yet held events as big as this.

        As the UCLA crowd welcomed Ron Paul to the stage, Paul responded,"Maybe they'll start to hear us pretty soon", referring in part to the blatant mainstream media blackout of his campaign. Paul went on to discuss how America is well on the way to becoming a totalitarian state as our government passes unconstitutional acts like the NDAA. The event was electric and everybody there was ready to take the fight for freedom all the way to the convention in Tampa. Despite the fact that Ron Paul is trailing Romney in the delegate race, everyone was hopeful that the message of freedom and liberty will eventually prevail.

        Throughout this election the mainstream media has totally ignored newsworthy stories that benefit Ron Paul campaign. Interestingly, on the very same day Ron Paul held the event at UCLA, FOX news did a story titled "Where in the World is Ron Paul", and wrote how "quiet" the Ron Paul campaign has become as of late. The real question should be: "why is the mainstream media so quiet about Ron Paul". Perhaps if the media did some fair reporting Ron Paul might actually win some primary states. This is honestly getting ridiculous. Anybody who has any knowledge of the caucus process realizes that the media falsely bases their delegate estimates off of straw-poll popular votes in caucus states. In terms of delegates, Ron Paul is likely neck and neck with Santorum, but still behind Romney. Paul likely has a plurality in six caucus states, which means he will definitely play a major role in Tampa. Share this to get the word out about the media not doing their job and share this to spread the message of liberty.


    UPDATE: It is hard to predict the impact that Santorum's drop-out will have on RP's campaign strategy. The drop-out makes it more difficult for Ron Paul to obtain a brockerage after the first-ballot vote at the convention, but it could also allow Ron Paul's campaign to pick up many Santorum voters and delegates who have become "anti-Romney" during this harsh primary season. Evangelical leaders now see Ron Paul as the last viable option for president, as they believe Gingrich, with all his debt, will eventually drop out. Although the odds look bleak for Ron Paul (but much less bleak than what the media reports), the movement for liberty is growing. This isn't even about Ron Paul; it's much larger than that. People are becoming fed up with the two-party system, which is why we are seeing reactionaries gain so much power and support.  Obama and Romney merely represent another "dual-opoly" like Mcdonalds/Burger King, AT&T/Verizon, etc. There is nothing but the illusion of choice with the dems/repubs. Our country is changing whether we like it or not. It's just a matter of whether we are ready to change before we are forced to change.

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