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    Titanic 3 - D Review: Sink Or Swim?


    It was 100 years ago come this April 14, in 1912. The luxury ship RMS Titanic that was said to be 'unsinkable' hit an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southhampton, England to New York City. She then sank with over 2,000 souls on board.


    Only about 700 or so survived.


    In theatres now, Director James Cameron's 1997 epic masterpiece has now been re- released 15 years later in a new 3-D print to commemorate the anniversary.


    The best part for us was seeing the film again on the Big Screen for the first time in 15 years. But is the 3-D needed?


    In a word, 'No'. The only difference in our opinion is that some scenes did seem to have more depth. Other than that, it is a waste of money - if your theatre charges more for a 3-D showing.


    Our opinion of the movie has not changed, this was our 5th time to see it now, counting DVD and Cable TV. The love story is awesome, Kate and Leonardo are perfect together, and the soundtrack is to die for.


    And the ending is still one of the greatest tear-jerker's of all time. Yes, the tears were flowing for us again.


    So take your kids to see it on the Big Screen. But don't worry about the 3-D glasses...


    Grade: A+

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