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    Posted April 6, 2012 by

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    Algerian diplomats kidnapped in Gao


    Algeria is the subject of terrorist attacks very "symbolic" in the last two years. After the abduction of foreigners in Tindouf and the suicide bombing in Tamanrasset, another blow has been dealt to the Algerian authorities, this time it is diplomacy that is the target of mysterious terrorist groups in Gao. Why and how Algeria is the only country targeted in the Sahel?
    The Consul of Algeria and six other Algerian diplomats working at the Consulate of Algeria in Gao, Mali's third largest city, were kidnapped last Thursday by gunmen who broke into the interior of the Consulate of Algeria. Wearing Afghan uniforms, forty terrorists "mercenaries", heavily armed, came on board several vehicles like 4X4 , even burnt the Algerian flag before kidnapping seven Algerians. No claims are made for the moment, but the track of the Oneness Movement and Jihad in West Africa (MUJAO) remains the most reliable. Why? This terrorist group already behind him two spectacular terrorist attacks carried out against Algeria, even on Algerian soil. The first targeted the refugee camps in Tindouf, October 23, 2011 where three foreign aid, an Italian and two Spaniards ( a man & a woman) were kidnapped by terrorists MUJAO . On March 03 2012, a suicide bombing carried out by two suicide bombers targeted the foreign headquarters of the territorial brigade of National Gendarmerie of Tamanrasset. Two days after the attack, a statement from spokesman of MUJAO had claimed responsibility of Tamanrasset, which promised "war" against the holy Algeria. This is only new, Algeria is the target of terrorist groups, this time in Mali, whereas before no action had targeted the Algerian interests in this border country, despite numerous abductions that occurred during the six recent years. Indeed, terrorists 'mercenaries' are targeting Algeria, once again, to kidnap seven Algerian diplomats working at the Consulate of Algeria in Gao. A few hours after abduction confirmed by the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through a statement before the first representative of the Algerian diplomacy, Mourad Medelci not in turn confirms the barbaric act very specifically targeted in Algeria.
    What are the reasons? why the "terrorists" target Algeria?
    The "terrorist" attacks against Algeria are succeeding. Tindouf and Tamanrasset and now in Gao,  the interests of Algeria are again targeted by unknown groups. Who wants to hurt to Algeria? Why do we target only Algeria in the Sahel? Who wants to join Algeria in the quagmire of Mali? Is it a terrorist attack or rather a huge plan, and executed elsewhere in the Sahel to make Algeria a favorite target? Algeria is a country known for its experience against the phenomenon of terrorism. Experience gained since 1985 in the age of Bouali, then a broader experience after the dark decade and today recognized worldwide, especially after the 11 December 2001. Better, Algeria felt like home again to all Algerians. Algeria established  The African Center for fight against terrorism, perhaps the only center  in Africa, a fact that Algeria will be the primary target of Salafist jihadist groups. Add to this, several foreign parties want to enlist in the quagmire of Algeria and Mali to get there; it is "wise" to think how to get to. Thus, removal of seven Algerian diplomats in Gao, Mali, is a way to "push" the Algerian authorities to meddle in the affairs of Mali. Mobilizing, for example, his soldiers tried to free its hostages in September; this is a way to push Algeria to enter Mali. It's not all, there are also forces staffs of the core countries (CEDOC) which comprises seven countries of the Sahel-Sahara band (Algeria, Mali, Niger, Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Libya and Chad), headquartered in Tamanrasset. This grouping of force field of the country was created after an idea and a proposal made by Algeria in order to better fight against terrorist groups in the Sahel. This set of ingredients was that Algeria is the only target for terrorist groups. Then we must not forget, especially that foreign parties are trying at all costs to interfere in the internal affairs of countries in the field. And to do so, they try to turn to create an atmosphere of insecurity for "opportunity" perfect "inject" their troops in the Sahel. Moreover, the American Daniel Benjamin, representing the U.S. in the fight against terrorism had dropped, the
    December 21, 2011, a sentence fraught with significance, at a press conference held in Algiers, saying: "if the core countries can not eradicate terrorism, we will do."


    Mali, new breeding ground of the Salafists Jihadists


    From bad to worse, terrorist groups affiliated with several criminal organizations, such Edine Ansar, whose leader is a Iyad Ag Ghaly, former Tuareg rebellions Fig 1990s, the Oneness Movement and Jihad in Africa West (MUJAO) or Al Qaeda in the Maghreb came in. These terrorist organizations are strongly present in several Malian cities, like Gao MUJAO where terrorists, whose terrorist leader, Abu Gaâgaâ, from Mauritania , has already announced the capture of the city. The notorious leader of MUJAO revealed the day before yesterday, on a soundtrack that nearly 1,000 heavily armed men including Mauritanian jihadis, Libyan, Algerian, Moroccan and Malian fight at his side. Given this upheaval, the MNLA says the Malian cities of control in the hands of the Tuaregs, when in reality they are terrorist groups that control nearly all Malian cities. What is certain, in this whole story is that thanks to this war launched against Mali and especially after the coup planned and executed against the Malian President, these two ingredients are a boon to terrorist groups in order to locate, yet, in the Sahel. Evidence today, terrorists circulate more freely, unlike before. Worse, the religious fanatics even have more than ever, new weapons of war in a region known for its wealth in oil and uranium. That is the issue.              

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