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    Posted April 9, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Why Don't "Truth in Advertising" Laws Apply to Politics?


    If you're a car dealer and advertise that your dealership does something that it doesn't, you going to be visited by your state's attorney general. Any manufacturer of drugs has to disclaim what limb may fall off or what organ may stop working as a result of taking their drug. Drug ads have ten seconds of promotion and 20 seconds of disclaimers.


    So why aren't political advertisements held to the same standard? Freedom of speech? Is "lying about your political intentions" just another expression of free speech? Is lying protected under our Constitution?


    If I told you to invest in my new company because you'd make a lot of money, am I accountable if I take that money and never invest it in what I told you I would? Would this be protected by "freedom of expression" to tell you whatever you were gullible enough to believe?


    Or would I find myself before a judge, answering some question and paying back your money?


    We need laws to assure us that what we buy is what we believe it is.


    So why are political advertisements for American Crossroads and countless other right wing PACs allowed to outright lie and distort the truth about Obama and his policies?


    When these PACs explain the Ryan Budget, they gloss over the nasty details of what this budget would do to the middle class. When they call Obamacare, "Government run health care" , are they saying Medicare runs the system or that government tells private insurers not to drop people?


    Is it too much to ask that these ads are held to the same standard as other advertisements that promote cars, drugs, or insurance?

    I'm sorry, scratch insurance plans for health care from this list of truthful advertisers. They already have the same "carve out" on "truth in advertising" that the Republicans have given Karl Rove's and David and Charles Koch's ads.


    While we're on the subject, should FOX be held to account for the everyday crap they pass off as truth and news? Or do they duck the FCC's BS radar because they present themselves as "entertainment?"

    Imagine FOX telling it's viewers that the reason "business" is against Obama and want Romney for President is because Romney won't regulate them. No.  This will never happen at FOX. They are great with the headlineslike, "GOP wants to cut taxes", but fail to provide the details of, "for whom".

    A reality show isn't held to the same standards as real news. And we know that the Republican reality is anything but for most Americans.

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