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    Posted April 10, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Preserving the social safety net


    Can only Romney preserve Americans' right to wealth? Do only Republicans understand what is needed to allow all Americans to become rich?

    Will President Obama's "Fair Shot and a fair deal" lead to socialism? How do Republicans spin "equal opportunity" into communism? Is there magic at the heart of their fable or does Frank Luntz, their ad guy, have more to do with the Republican success than any of us know? Some Americans are buying the "Romney is for prosperity" and "Obama is for communism" spin.

    Luntz delivers a purposefully crafted message: “He uses very carefully calibrated rhetoric." “The GOP use buzzwords. They try to portray Obama and Democrats as extremists who are trying to take away your personal liberty.”

    Many Americans hear President Obama explain that when all Americans have the same rules and equal access to education and health care, each of us has the same opportunity to achieve prosperity.


    Republicans say that less rules and regulations will lead us to their promised land. They say, "Taxing the rich is class warfare- that we shouldn't punish success."

    Obama could be the best President ever, & the GOP would claim that everything he did was horrible. Alternatively, the GOP would claim that everything he did was horrible, even if they advocated for each of his actions the day before he did it.

    Well, the middle class is being taxed disproportionately to their incomes in America. Do you hear Republicans voice their concern over that? Social Darwinism, indeed.


    Since when has "equality for all" been seen as a move toward socialism? Since Citizens United.


    A "level playing field" doesn't mean that you can't out perform the guy next to you and end up with more. There's no ceiling on success in America under Democratic policies and the Obama Administration. Republicans and their supporters don't feel this way. GOP TV tells them what to believe..and they do.


    Having the same opportunity to achieve success doesn't mean someone should get preferential treatment at the starting point.


    My choice this Fall will be based on looking at both men running for President and seeing how each of them got to where they are. I'm voting for the one that's fought on behalf of the common man, not the one that took advantage of the common man to get to where he is now.


    Opportunity by a fair shot and hard work vs. opportunity by exploitation, privilege, and entitlement. Which man will America choose?


    I see this election as one between a real grassroots organization and the big money interests provided by Citizens United and Karl Rove...for the benefit of the common man and the rich. It's a class war between the common folk and the rich.


    And I love cheering for the under dog.Hopefully, this story will begin when those that were "wronged" are righted and prevail. Have you seen any rich guys that were begging for food for their children as a result of this last Depression?

    Republicans are not good losers..they need more practice.

    "Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying" - Martin Luther

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