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    Educated, Successful, and Bipolar


    Hello Dr. Drew,
    My name is Felisha Lindsay and I have Bipolar 1. As a person with this condition, I am frustrated at the label that society has  puts on  individuals in our condition with. People with our disorder are often labeled as being "crazy". When people hear bipolar, they think about killers or people who commit violent crimes. Personally I believe that people who are not educated about this disorder, often confuse it with Antisocial Personality disorder.  We are deemed by society as psychos and held captive by our own chemical imbalances.  we are stigmatized by a world of uneducated people who confuse "crazy" with their own misunderstandings.Our symptoms are our worst enemy  and society is not our friend. So what do we do?

         This is a question that I faced once upon a time and many others with my condition still encounter.  Well my own personal definition of "crazy" is simply the "lack of understanding of  an individual's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors".

         As you know with the Bipolar 1 disorder, there are very few manic phases. However, I have experience several depressive episodes in my past. I am fortunate enough to know and understand my disorder. Although it has held me back in the past, through my meds and therapy, I now live a "normal" life. In May I will be graduating with my Masters Degree in Human development and Leadership. I have obtained a Bachelors of Social Work degree. I'm married, raising kids, and living a normal life. As a social worker I feel that it is my duty to raise awareness about this disorder. My goal is to educate the community about the definition, signs, symptoms, of Bipolar; as well as ways they can help a person who is experiencing symptoms of the the manic and depression phase. I feel like stigma interferes with people's willingness to get help. Do you have any other suggestions? This is a very dangerous disorder and we must raise awareness. We must let people know that Bipolar is treatable. Thanks so much for you're the knowledge and education that you give about my condition .My dream is to be on your show one day and talk about my disorder. This would be a great way to show people you can make it!!! Trust me Dr. Drew these are not thoughts of grandiosity. lol I've been in the stage normality for years as my medicine controlled my symptoms.
    My education and experience with this disorder makes it really easy to be empathetic with others who suffer from it. As I watch your show every weeknight, I am so amazed at your ability to express such strong empathy. You bring to light the counseling skills that I have learned. As I graduate in May, My dream will fulfilled if I could be a guest. My knowledge and experience makes me almost an expert of this disorder. I'm simply asking you to use me as example. Millions of people watch your show but they never see people who actually have these disorders. I'm not a celebrity, I'm simply a 35 yr old woman from Kentucky. However, when we hear about the violent acts of people who have bipolar, majority of the time, their celebrities. They are small town people living in a community that's too uneducated to encourage people with this disorder to get help. Let me through your guidance educate Millions of people about Bipolar. I would be glad to give examples of past manic and depressive phases on your show, even if it's by phone. Either way, feel free to use my story as an example. Thanks Dr. Drew....I pray that this message finds you! If you find this to be interesting, please contact me at Flindsay@murraystate.edu or 931-494-5226

    Felisha Babb Lindsay BSW M.S.

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