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    Posted April 10, 2012 by
    Margate, Florida
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    The issues that matter most


    The issues that matter most to me and most of the people I know.
    First is the corruption that every American citizen knows that we have the best Congress money can buy for the large corporations by the large corporations. The multinationals are not patriotic to this Country; they care more about making profits then what it does to this Country. We know we no longer have a Government of the people and for the people. It is nothing more than an Oligarchy of special interest groups that buy our elected officials. The old adage that nothing is free rings true here. With the money our elected officials receive, in the way of supposed donations, there is a price to pay for that money. Nobody gives money without wanting something in return. Especially large amounts of money.
    I would put them in a treasonous category. Any politician that signs a pledge to some lobbyist for campaign help is treason in my book. They should only be signing pledges to the American citizens which they are supposed to represent. Ron Paul said it best in one of the debates. “If our elected officials would do their sworn oath duties we wouldn’t have eighty percent of the problems we have”.
    Second is the media. We feel we can’t trust them, the same as our Government. We have to spend a lot of time finding all of the information that the media leaves out. They all denounce the money spent in advertising by the candidates and the very corrupt 501 pacs and the other ones like them. The thing is they have no problem excepting the money spent on ads that are deceptive and some outright lies. How can we trust an organization that puts money over ethics and morality? The media is what is supposed to be the level player for the American public not puppets for who has the biggest check. The next is this so called entertainment on both Fox and Msnbc that are creating most of the friction in this country because they are spewing their radical points of view, all while cashing in big on the simple minded that will listen to them, and blaming the President for causing a divide in this Country. I don’t think they are patriotic either. You all know who you are.


    We have to build a new industry to really rebuild this country again. I have attached an article about the hemp plant that would supply our energy needs along replacing wood so there would be a need for new machines to be designed and made along with being repaired. Plus if we end the war on drugs the money we would save, the people that would not be in jail and we wouldn’t be sending hundreds of millions of dollars to Mexico for the drug lords to prey on the United States. We would elinimate ninety five percent of the gangs (I believe) that kill and terrorize our citizens. Just look at all the gang violence that goes on every day in the US. Almost all of it is related to turf wars, the same that is going on in Mexico but in a smaller decree. All we have to do is properly educate the public and starting at home and taught at school. In my opinion the problem is that there are too many people at the top that are making too much money to allow the decriminalization of drugs.


    Below is my research:
    HEMP IS THE NUMBER ONE biomass producer on planet earth: 10 tons per acre in approximately four months. It is a woody plant containing 77% cellulose. Wood produces 60% cellulose. This energy crop can be harvested with equipment readily available. It can be "cubed" by modifying hay cubing equipment. This method condenses the bulk, reducing trucking costs from the field to the pyrolysis reactor. And the biomass cubes are ready for conversion with no further treatment.
    Hemp is drought resistant, making it an ideal crop in the dry western regions of the country. Hemp is the only biomass resource capable of making America energy independent. And our government outlawed it in 1938.
    Remember, in 10 years, by the year 2000, America will have exhausted 80% of her petroleum reserves. Will we then go to war with the Ar

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