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    Posted April 11, 2012 by
    bluffton, South Carolina
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    Schools Should Teach Marriage Education

    America divorce rates are on the climb, and among black Americans divorce rates could be very close to 50% or above it. Marriage is tough because you have to have a balance with your partner. The main three factors that play an important part in marriage are finances, sexual experience, and communication. A break down in one of those areas will increase a couples chances of getting divorced. Marriage is just plain tough and personally I’m scared because I want to get it right, and help set a great example for my future kids generation. This is why high schools should teach Marriage Ed. They teach us about sex in Sex Ed. in high school, so why not teach us how to stay marriage? Put us in classes that will let us experience the highs and lows of marriage and how to handle them. In our vows it does say “For better or for worse. For richer or poorer”, but why are we not taking these vows seriously? Marriage is a practice and you just can’t wish to stay with someone forever, but a little practice wouldn’t hurt before you put that ring on your partners finger. It’s true that the first 2 years of marriage is the Cinderella part of marriage, but after those 2 years those first 10 years are super important. A lot of people don’t make it to the first 10 years, and it’s extremely sad when people don’t make it for 2 years!!! Everyone is saying my generation’s divorce rates are going to be sky high, because we are getting married because of the sex. All you see on TV is SEX!!!When the sex is good everything is GREAT, but you can’t have sex to wish away your partners debt. I personally feel communication is the hardest part of marriage, because you have to talk to the SAME person for the rest of your LIFE!!! Let’s bring back those American family values. I bet if you walked into a middle school or high school and took a survey of how many kids have divorced parents, the numbers would shock you. Having a life with divorced parents is tough and how can you hope for a good marriage, if you never had a good example to follow? My generation has to set the standard for the future generations, and if we don’t get it right America will definitely go down the hill. If we are easily torn apart at home, what makes us not easily torn apart if a national crisis happens in our country? It all starts with the family. So hopefully we can push for Marriage Ed. because I believe it could save America. Til Death Do Us Part! United We Stand and May God Bless America
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