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    End the "War on Drugs"!


    Over the last several years, I have studied in depth the damage our current drug policy is doing to our citizens, and most are unaware or are simply indifferent because of all the lies and propaganda that the government has fed us for nearly a half century now. The US incarcerates more people than any other country in the world, including Russia, China and North Korea! Does this not shock anyone or raise red flags? I'm a former Deputy Sheriff and this scares the hell out of me! A large percentage of those are incarcerated on drug-related charges, and most are non-violent!
    Why the HELL is Cannabis still a "Schedule 1" drug (meaning it has zero medicinal value)? Cannabis has been shown to have enormous medicinal value, and a few pharmaceutical research companies have even cured CANCER with Cannabis derived medications!


    The real reason why Cannabis has been kept illegal Federally and on Schedule 1 is because big pharaceutical companies, and other large corporate entities lobby to maintain status quo and keep it illegal. Why? Because simply taking Cannabis off Shedule 1 would cost these companies billions of dollars! Making it Schedule 2 would allow many more companies to derive medications from it, and cut into Big Pharms' bottom line. It's all about corporate greed. President Obama could take Cannabis off Schedule 1 without an OK from Congress... but he hasn't. Why? He is bowing to corporate greed. Also, by raiding places like Oaksterdam University, he is breaking a promise he made to leave state vetted dispensaries alone - which makes Obama a hypocrite and a liar, I'm sorry to say because I voted for the man. He has let me down. He has let us all down. Not only is he taking medication away from people who really need it, he is continuing the "War on Drugs" which cost us as taxpayers over 20 BILLION dollars per year - and for what? Our drug policies DON'T work! If we can't keep drugs out of our prisons, how do we expect to keep them off the streets?


    I believe we should adopt a more compassionate approach to the drug issue. We need to legalize, and regulate ALL drugs, like we currently regulate alcohol. This would (1) put drug cartels and gangs out of business. (2) Put an end to the prison overcrowding. (3) Take the control out of the hands of cartels and drug dealers, and allow the government to regulate production, dustribution, and consumption as loosely or tightly as is needed to promote safe consumption and to set heavy penalties for exposing children to it, and other unsafe behaviours. (4) Put an end to police abusing power in the name of the "war on Drugs" - such as SWAT raids on a persons home because they have some marijuana - and then seizing their home and cars and throwing then in prison for 20 years. Because they had some marijuana? Come on!!! Legalize it already!!!


    I'm sick of wasting 20 billion per year for next to NO results, watching people be demonized and removed from society when they otherwise productive members of society, and treating drug addicts like criminals, instead of giving them the help they need to get clean.


    This issue, above all else, I believe, needs to be addressed, and soon! Absolutely nothing about our current drug policy is good that I can see - and I am a former Deputy Sheriff, and former Corrections Officer!

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