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    Posted April 12, 2012 by
    bluffton, South Carolina
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    Am I a Black American or African American?

    Hello my name is Byron Thomas and I’m 110% American. I’m confused, because I was born at a hospital in America and I’ve lived in South Carolina my entire life. I’ve never traveled to Africa nor have any African relatives that I know of. So why am I considered an African American? Was I born in Africa and they flew me over to America and then changed my birth certificate? I don’t get how I’m called an African American. Why can’t everyone America be an American? This is where they divide us and I hate these parts of forms, because the black choice is never the same as the other choices. Now if you say I’m an African American, then what if a white person immigrant to America and they got their citizenship? Are they supposed to choose white or African American? Why do these forms make me feel as if I’m a half American? If a real black African got their citizenship in America, they are a REAL AFRICAN AMERICAN. If wasn’t born in Africa, then why are we choosing African American? The only ancestors of mine that would be considered African Americans would be the first generation of black slaves from Africa. Yes, I’m black and black people over there are black to, but I probably couldn’t survive over there like they are. It’s not like if I went to Africa they are going to give me a hand clap of praise. I had a conversation with a REAL African on Facebook and she told me Africans hate that we are called African American and she thinks it’s weird we are called African American, if we wasn’t born in Africa. So if African people think it’s weird, why isn’t it weird in America? Their government is not protecting me the American government is. I’m not going to ever pay African taxes, but I will pay American taxes. So if I’m an American why can’t I be an American? There are tons of black students and people who hate the word African American. Do white people have to choose Irish American or European American? No they have one easy answer. If you weren’t born in Africa, then you’re not an African American. Call me a BLACK AMERICAN!!! If we ever want to become more united, we need to each this. United We Stand and May God Bless America
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