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    Posted April 12, 2012 by
    Alvarado, Texas

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    Corruption in Johnson County Texas

    Please help!
    My son was wrongfully arrested, prosecuted and convicted as a result of the Corruption in Johnson County Texas. We obtained evidence that proved the deputy lied about the reason for the stop and also violated Texas Penal Code 37.09 for Tampering with the evidence from his patrol vehicle. Civil lawsuits have been filed and promptly dismissed by our broken Federal Court System in error. The response from the Court Appointed Attorney's(Ricardo De Los Santos, Shelly Fowler, Robert Luttrell) is that Cops are allowed to Lie under Oath in Judge Robert Mayfield's Court and the Prosecution(Bill Moore, Stephanie Miller) is willing to used Falsified Evidence because Judge Robert Mayfield is willing to let them. All named defendants knew Justin Smith Lied about the reason for the stop and still chose to prosecute and convict. They violated Amendments to the Constitution that protect citizens from wrongful prosecution by persons that Conspire to Deprive under color of authority. The Amendments were written to ensure the accused is not the victim of an Organized Society. The Abuse includes all representatives of our Criminal and Civil Justice Systems which includes ensuring the Video (>1Gb) from Justin Smith's Patrol Vehicle is never admitted as evidence as this would require Johnson County Texas, and now our Federal Court System to acknowledge acts of Attorney and Judicial Misconduct. Any attorney or judge that receives reliable information is obligated to report Attorney and Judicial Misconduct to the proper authorities. Jeremy will continue to file Criminal & Civil Actions under RICO and Conspiracy to Deprive until all named defendants are in prison.

    Here is the story within the story: You ask what was he charged with? A "Butterfly Knife" that Texas Law claims is a "Switchblade" was found. The problem is the State of Texas law on Prohibited weapons is so poorly written it is sold throught the State by numerous merchants without any regulation whatsoever. All other Prohibited Weapons are Regulated. The State of Texas is grossly negligent for failing to Regulate this item as is also done with Alcohol, Tobacco, Adult materials, Prescription drugs, etc... The state is not only collecting sales tax but also allowing County's to extort money and slave labor from persons wrongfully convicted. Again, all Court Appointed Attorney's refused to comply with their clients wishes and conspired with the prosecution and Judge to ensure Jeremy did not get a fair trial.

    Please do this story, we were not willing to risk Jeremy going to prison for a year because cops are allowed to Lie under Oath in Johnson County Texas but I am sure there are many people who should have been found not guilty sitting in prison because of this type of unethical, illegal and organized criminal activities committed by those who are supposed to uphold the Laws of the United States under the Amendments to the Constitution.

    The fact Justin smith lied can be proven by the Tampered Video From Justin Smith's Patrol Vehicle which does not begin until the vehicles are pulling over. When compared to a Legitimate Video from J. Fuller's patrol Vehicle which shows the Traffic Violation, the deputy turning around and initiating the traffic stop. All named defendants and all Federal District and Appellate judges have refused to accept this fact as True and Accurate and are violating Code of Conduct Rules as well as continuing to commit additional acts of Conspiracy to Deprive and RICO violations. The next lawsuit will also name Governor Rick Perry and Attorney General Gregg Abbott for refusing to initiate an Executive Order Expungement for a conviction known to be a result of unethical, illegal organized criminal activity.

    Please do this story, I will email Civil Case document(s)
    Bruce Haddix
    2833 Harolds Court
    Alvarado, TX 76009

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