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    American Idol Shocker: OMG America! Voting System Needs To Be Changed!


    The best singer in the competition was given the boot by the 'voters' of America tonight. But noooo, as the judges used their one and only save on Jessica Sanchez!


    Now after several years of AI 'shockers', is this really a shock after all? Not really, because the voting system is screwed and skewed!


    Idol needs to go to a similar system that "Dancing With The Stars" uses. Limit the votes, and have the judges 'scores' or votes count.


    So Jessica lives to sing another day. Good for her, because she should win the FOX singing competition. Why? Because she is the best!

    So when Ryan Seacrest tweeted tonight..."OMG America! He was right lol...


    Watch our video for the review...Feat. Porsche, the dog singing legend!


    See you next week on FOX...

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