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    Posted April 13, 2012 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Obama: No Ban on Gay Bias


    In  a move that has already raised the ire of members of the gay community,  President Barack Obama has decided not to issue an executive order that  would ban discrimination against gay workers of employers with federal  contracts.

    For  those one-issue voters, of which there are many in the GLBT community,  the decision is upsetting to say the least. The man that many voted for  and still are supporting as President of the United States continues to  not live up to expectations.

    While  the President has made moves which the gay community has applauded -  removing the barrier of gays serving openly in the miliatary, refusing  to defend the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) - he also continues to be a  disappointment for many of those supporters and activists.

    Reportedly  both the Labor and Justice Departments had signed on to the gay  discrimination ban and ready to implement the policy. However, earlier  this week the President decided to not follow through.

    To  me this points out why voters, whether gay or straight, should not base  their vote on just one issue, but rather, look at the candidate or  proposed legislation as a whole. Often we may find that one thing that a  politician stands for which is appealing and look no farther. Yet, if  we would stop and look beyond such a myopic view and survey the entire  scope of the politician, we may find his/her opponent may match our  overall view more so than the one who targets our special cause.

    The  totality of a candidate's positions is often more telling than a more  narrowed focus on one or two issues. This is even more true in local and  state elections. That is why you may often find voters voting this  person or that person into office over the opposing candidate who may  even be of the same political persuasion.

    In  this case of the President not banning gay discrimination among  federally contracted employers, the President has shown that political  expediency is more important to achieve a win in the fall rather than  taking a stand which may be used to defeat him by those on the right.

    Sadly  too many of my fellow members of the gay community only see life  through a singular prism. While generally speaking the Democrat Party is  more sympathetic and more ready to align with gay issues, we must  discount any candidate on the singular issue. We must learn to look at  the full policy positions of a candidate.

    Sure we may get a favorable vote on a gay issue then turn around and be bitten on a fiscal issue or a healthcare issue.

    From  the Cornfield, while I do wish the President had signed the executive  order to ban gay discrimination by federal contractors, I am a realist  and know that any politician does only that which is in his or her best  interest for the next election...and not necessarily a particular  interest group.


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