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    Danforth, Maine
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    Go Pro HD Hero2 Sound Test; Part 1 and 2

    Here I sit at my messy computer desk, in my fashionable garb of long john underwear, on a spring day in Maine, with my fashionably overweight Maine body, testing my new external mike for my Go Pro HD Hero2 camera.

    The first, 30 second video is WITHOUT the external mike, and the second, 2 minute video, tests my new external mike.

    It’s an Olympus ME51SW, and cost me $45 plus free shipping via Amazon, but you can buy cheaper external mikes, and of course, ones that are much more expensive. This one gets its power from the camera, and you do not need a battery, as you would need if you were using a more expensive WIRELESS external mike.

    For those of you interested in cameras, this Go Pro Hero2 was designed to be encased in a waterproof plastic shell, so you could mount it to your surfboard, hold it in your hand, on a wrist strap, a head strap, a chest strap, or just mount it to the seat post of your bicycle or motorcycle, or on the outside of your auto. It's a POINT OF VIEW (POV) camera, with a great 170 degree wide anger. And, you can install a wider lens, take still photos, and change a variety of camera settings, which I have not experimented with yet.

    But the sound is not great. So I bought the SKELETON case, which has holes on both sides and the back, which means it is not waterproof...LOL The waterproof case is for diving up to 197 feet below sea level.

    But you can hook up an external mike of your choosing, and access all the other ports and SD card with this skeleton housing without taking it out of the plastic skeleton case.

    This is quite an amazing camera, and I'm holding it about two feet from my face, and should have put on some fancy clothing, and turned my body so the light shown on my face, thereby relieving you all of seeing the messy interior of my computer room.....LOL

    But as all of us amateur photographers know, life is not perfect, and neither am I.

    I notice that if I close the Go Pro downloadable software, which is called Cineform Studio, too early, the last part of the sound is dropped off the clip I download to my computer. It seems I have to wait an extra minute or two for the sound to be fully downloaded with the video clip. I hope this gets changed in future versions of this software.

    These MP4 files are about 100 MB for each minute, and they take about ten times as long to upload to CNN, than my Flip videos. The Flip program has a zip program to make uploading much faster, so I don’t know if there is a zip program I can use to upload these Go Pro files faster.

    Also, this Go Pro Hero2 came out this last fall, and it is new on the market, costing $299. So I bought a Best Buy accident protection plan to cover me in case something fails, due to manufacturing, or if there is a defect in the design that must be fixed.

    I am having fun with this camera. I hope you all are having a great, CNN, camera day. Enjoy your camera, play with it, and it's ONE DAY AT A TIME Rog
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