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    One year since Trayvon Martin's death

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    Justice for Zimmerman

    It seems all we've heard in the media the past two months has been "Justice for Trayvon!" We've heard how compelling the evidence is against him, how tragic Trayvon's death was, etc etc. But what we haven't heard from the media is how important it is that George Zimmerman get justice.

    When the case was still forming and the nation was just becoming aware of the Trayvon Martin murder, a group by the name of the New Black Panther Party stepped forward and took matters into their own hand. They offered a $10,000 reward for the capture via citizen's arrest of George Zimmerman. This reward came in addition to several death threats levied at Zimmerman by it's members.

    While alarming to most, and frightening, it didn't do much more than that. America wasn't outraged that an organization not of the law could and would do such a thing. No one demanded their arrest. Nobody from the law enforcement at the federal or state level did anything to stop them. There's a reason why though.

    Just a few weeks into the case, thanks in part to the heavily opinionated views of media outlets like CNN, ABC, NBC and Fox News, Americans had already formed their verdict on Zimmerman. He was a "white man" who murdered Trayvon Martin who was doing nothing wrong at all. Case closed. Soon though it came to light that there was more to the case. Video and photos that were once condemning were now liberating for Zimmerman. Facts of the case piled up and by the time an arrest (legally) was made against George Zimmerman we were left with a neutral amount of evidence that could swing in any way.

    America has a history of passing judgement on issues before it's time. I could delve into deep history and go back to the Revolutionary War days, but instead i'll focus on cases of the past few years. Bringing up names like Casey Anthony, Tiger Woods, Gabrielle Giffords, etc. What's so important about these characters? Well if you remember Casey Anthony was condemned and sentenced before she even had a court date. It was all based on the undeniable facts the media had given the people. But in the end she was acquitted. Tiger woods came forth with a black eye. He claimed and we agreed it was from a golfing accident. Reality was that he cheated on his wife. Finally with Gabrielle Giffords many figured they knew the facts of the case right off the bat. This was a shooting rampage caused by some right wing nut-job! But again we all found out that that wasn't the case.

    So back to Zimmerman. I ask why there hasn't been justice for him. When the threats were levied against Zimmerman, when the arrest warrant was issued by the Black Panther Party, and when it was revealed Zimmerman was in hiding and potentially sick from the ordeal why didn't the law enforcement take him into custody for his own sake. Why did no one call for the arrest of the leader of the New Black Panther Party. They were inciting violence against an American citizen! It's the same claim we use to arrest potential terrorists so why wasn't it levied against a violent organization.

    The law had a duty to keep Zimmerman safe. He's not guilty until proven innocent beyond all reasonable doubt in a court of law. Just because American citizens nationwide have passed their judgement's on him doesn't mean legally he is guilty. Why did the law turn their back on George Zimmerman. The nation's legal system has failed George Zimmerman as Florida's legal system failed Trayvon Martin. When this whole case has blown over not just the Stand Your Ground Law needs to be examined, but also the laws that protect these violent organizations from arrest.
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