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    Posted April 14, 2012 by
    Hamilton, Alabama
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    Severe weather

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    Extreme Weather Coming to Alabama!

    After the tornadoes in Alabama and Missouri of April 2011, I know some people are wondering if they are judgments of God on America. The answer is, “Quite Possibly”. We just cannot say for sure, because God is Sovereign, which means that He can do what He wants and He doesn’t need to tell us why or explain anything to us. Many Christian TV reporters claim that the tornadoes are happening because of President Obama’s stance on Israel and that also is a very good possibility, but I believe that this runs deeper than anything we ever imagined. It also may not be so much a matter of God doing anything as opposed to doing “nothing” about the impending disaster. I know that there are God-fearing Christians in Alabama, but there is also a high concentration of redneck racist homophobic assholes, who claim to be Christians, but behind the scenes they live double lives and do unspeakable things.

    What do we really know about God’s judgment? Plenty… trust me… But we need to be able to separate Old Testament Judgment from New Testament Judgment because there is a clear difference. In the Old Testament God required that people make sacrifices to atone or “cover” their sins, then the Father sent Jesus to be the sacrifice for the world and at that point God no longer required us to make sacrifices, because sending Jesus didn’t just cover our sins, it obliterated it!! There is no greater power than the blood of Jesus, when it comes to the remission of sins. A lot of people do not believe that and they feel that they have their own angle on the spiritual and have a free pass to slide into the Afterlife and that’s all good, but I’m talking about something real here people.

    I have been seeing an increasing number of violent storms that come in a flash and people don’t really have time to prepare for it, except to never live there in the first place. I live in Los Angeles, California and I recently visited Hamilton, Alabama and “wow”, what a shithole that place is, omg! I can’t imagine anyone actually wanting to live somewhere like that. I can see being stuck there and not being able to ever break free and move elsewhere, but I can’t see moving there for any reason. Some people just don’t have their standards set very high, so I understand that.

    Anyway, when you place yourself in the path of destruction, then proceed to taunt and mock God, then you might just want to relocate, because if judgment is passed at anytime God sees fit, then you have no idea how fast it can come and how fast you can be on your ass with nothing around you, including family and friends.

    Some friends of mine from the National Weather Service have given me an inside tip that on Tuesday April 17, 2012, a major tornado will relocate the entire city of Hamilton, in Marion County, about 5-miles away, towards Mississippi more than likely…. That is fine, as long as my friend’s daughter is okay, because she is the only one in Hamilton that even matters. As far as I am concerned, God has pick Hamilton up drop it out in the ocean somewhere! That would be cool!

    Everybody has their own beliefs and everybody has their own take on Thomas Hendricks, but it is amazing how many people have come forth and brought evidence and testimony regarding the secret life of Thomas Hendricks. News and information will be added to his website at: ThomasHendricksLied.com and at: ExposedJustice.com. Thank you and please pray that God spares the lives of the innocent in Hamilton and that he deals with the rest in whatever way he sees fit.

    Allison Justice - Reporter for the NorCal Music News
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