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        The declarations of European Parliament (EP), aka Eldorado of Prostitutes, have no legislative force, and are indeed utterly ineffectual, unless they have been solicited by the European Commission (EC), in support of policies, which EC has already decided to adopt. EP cannot propose legislation, nor require EC to propose it, nor substantially amend the EC's proposals unless EC allows it to do so. EC has sole right of legislative proposal. EP is therefore a fake parliament, which functions as a propaganda arm of EC. This makes Fourth Reich about as democratic and dangerous, as was the Soviet Union. It also means that writing to MEPs is a complete waste of time. The permanent political class enriches itself at the expense of the rest of us. Insider trading is illegal, yet it is routine among kleptocrats, especially MEPs, muppets of EP. Normal individuals cannot get in on IPOs at the asking price, but kleptocrats do so routinely. Kleptocrats also get many hot issues, bypassing all fair procedures of distribution. By funneling hundreds of millions of dollars or euros to supporters, even more campaign donations are ensured. An entire class of investors now makes all of its profits based on influence and access to kleptocrats. Most MEPs want an end to the practice of meeting in both Brussels and Strasbourg. Opponents of the two-city system want Brussels to be EP's sole venue, but Napoleon Sarko resists. Although most working sessions take place in Brussels, Strasbourg currently hosts four full EP sessions each month under a concession granted to France in 1992. Travel between Brussels and Strasbourg for 750 MEPs and thousands of their staff, riding the infamous exclusive gravy train, costs half billion euros each year. There have been repeated campaigns to change the system, but this would require all Fourth Reich countries to approve the move. Kleptocrats have transformed politics to trade. They are traders who use their power, access, and privileged information to generate wealth. And at the same time well-connected financiers and corporate leaders have made a business of politics. They come together to form a kleptocratic caste. A sensitive issue cannot be fully explained in a post, but only in a speech, in that magic eyeball to eyeball contact, baring my soul, and declaring truths that cause shock and awe. That's why I look forward to the invitation of your organization to speak at your conference. Basil Venitis,  venitis@gmail.com One popular haunt of Eurokleptocrats, especially MEPs, is the Treviso Hotel on Place Stephanie in the expensive and trendy Ixelles area of Brussels. The love hotel bills itself as a venue for couples with room service and discretion assured in glamorous rooms rented out at 100 euros an hour. Anne De Schepper, the hotel's manager, points out the long lunch break is the preferred time of day for her clientele of Eurokleptocrats to commit adultery, courtesy of pullpeddlers. Eurokleptocrats are 80 per cent of Treviso Hotel's business, most of it paid by pullpeddlers. Unlike the traditional hotel industry, Treviso Hotel has not experienced the economic crisis thanks to Eurokleptocrats and pullpeddlers. Treviso Hotel is busiest at lunch time, followed by early evening in between the end of office hours and the time Eurokleptocrats need to get back to their spouses. Eurokleptocrats are told to beware the charms of Mata Hari type sirens trading sex for Fourth Reich secrets and busine

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