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    Posted April 15, 2012 by
    Watertown, New York
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    Obama Exposes The GOP's Master Plan for America


    The New Master Plan from Republicans for America is: (drum roll) - More Tax Breaks for the Wealthy and Less Programs and services for the Middle Class. Tah Dah! Sounds like something new to me. Not!

      Didn't we just end 8 years of this "trickle down" economics program? How prosperous are you feeling right now? Are things better after Bush?

    The GOP left the economy in shambles, Obama gets it somewhat back on track in spite of GOP obstructionism and now, the GOP want the keys to the car back? Even funnier. Beg for forgiveness, GOP, mend your ways and then show us you mean it. Maybe in 2032!

    Have they accepted any responsibility for what happened to our economy? Nah, it's Obama's fault. Obama wasn't President when the house of cards the GOP built came tumbling down. Doesn't matter.

    They blame Obama. FOX blames Obama. The TEA Party blames Obama. Where's that " accepting personal responsibility".

    That's only for the poor and Democrats. The plutocrats get tax payer bailouts. Socializing their losses and privatizing their profits. Sound unfair? So what. The Ryan Budget isn't about fairness. It's about maintaining power for the rich Conservatives like the Kochs.


    "The 'Paul Ryan Budget' makes Newt Gingrich's 'Contract on America' look like the New Deal", said President Obama as he parsed the GOP's Master Plan for America.


    "There will be prosperity for America", say Republicans if Romney gets elected. These statements make those that read want to laugh. But if you're a frequent listener to FOX and Rush Limbaugh, and live in the GOP  LaLa Land, you believe this stuff.

    The political group, "Americans for Prosperity" have their own agenda. It's not prosperity for the middle class. What's funny is that this group makes many wannabee millionaires think Democrats don't want you to be wealthy. The group's title would suggest it's for prosperity for all. It's not.


    Republicans have no real economic solutions to offer other than tax cuts and spending cuts. Any thing on investments?  Conservatives learn Luntz's talking points so well, each can regurgitate it perfectly on Sunday's talk shows.

    When you ask Republican supporters what they think, they know what to say as well.


    'Polly want a Republican for President? Polly wants a Republican for President. Obama's the worst President of all time? Obama's been the worst President of all time.

    We should get rid of Social Security and Medicare for the middle class and give more to the rich? Yes, Get rid of those programs and reward the richest Americans with more because they work harder than do the middle class."


    Get the drift? Yes, it makes no sense to progressives. But what do commies know about an economy built to last for the wealthy? Right Mr. West.


    The RNC'cs Chairman, Reince Priebus, said this morning that this Presidential Election "isn't about the success of the Republican Party but is about the success of America." No. It's about the viability of the GOP.


    The GOP's success is counter productive to the United States. It works as a lobbyist arm for the wealthy. But it certainly doesn't work on the behalf of most Americans. Unfortunately, half of Americans that vote Republican are too brainwashed to see that yet. If they put down their Bible for a moment and picked up a book on Social Representative Democracy..well..that's more than we on the left can hope they might do.

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