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    Religion should bring love and unity and not hate and disunity?

    Religion should bring love and unity and not hate and disunity?

    If religion brings hate and disunity, to have no religion is much better. The founder of the Bahai faith Bahaullah told this . But even all Bahai do not respect those sentences. Some of them are prejudice and self center like the believer other religions.
    The religion brings happiness in the life of people or… As I look in the lives of my friends I see that most of them are the victims of religion and at least they lost their life and happiness in this world and in this life. They are robbed and destroyed by the people or the believers of different religions. So I can ask myself if the religions coming from God, as they claimed can the possibilities, the power or potential to make the people better and lucky. We see that those are devices in the hand some people to destroy other people lives and or make money power or name with using the religions names. The cheaters and bad people do use the religion as a way to robe and have huge benefits from the religions. If we see the history we can see that religions brought a lot of problems in the lives of people. Even most the prophets and the first flowers had difficult and terrible lives. Sorrowfully the religions are sometimes as device in the hands of bad people and charlatans who are using it to have more power or more money.
    Religions are misused sometime for politics or business. Even if we see the history we can see a lot of problems are caused by different religions in different times. In the opposite also some people get a lot of money respects and power by different religions. As we know many people are killed because they had other religions or they born in a family with different religion. Jan dark is burned by fire. So many people have been killed in the name of religion and they should experience a cruel death in the name of God or Alah. Even now in our time, if you born in a family with different religions as the religion majorities, in many countries you will be persecuted and should have a miserable life. But the fundamental flowers of a religion find these action normal and they encourage their people to die for what they believes, and they should not deny their believe and if they are killed, it is fine. They go to haven any how. There is also a different sometimes between different religions. In Islam if you are in danger or you can get problems, you can deny your believe. But in other religions for example Bahai, you cannot deny your believe even if you are in dangerous situation and you may lose your life. So it is better not to deny and just be killed and that is good for the faith. With other word, you are not important and the faith is important. That is their philosophy. In the twenty first century you can be robbed in the name of religion and you can lose your wealth, your house and your work, even your family.
    But you do not get credit for all of them, if you deny or if you do not know much about that particular religion. They like or they persist to be killed and that is the way you can get credit for that religion. For example in some cases you should suicide with bombs around you, so you can go to paradise. The children are trained in this way, kill and be killed that is the way the God wanted. The fundamental leaders are not willing to discuss about the religion, they just say we have right and the other people are wrong. It is true that many people make a lot of money and power from the different religions and from the hate between different religions. They can sell their weapons, their drugs and their insurance and the victims are we who should suffer for their business or political power. These greedy people may be do not believe even in God or His prophets; they just misuse the simple minded people to robe them. Even in the time that we are children we should suffer the religion of our parents, and we do not know even the differences. They system of the world divide us in different group for their benefits. They are against our love and unity. Until we die we should suffer for the name of different religion, even after the death the fundamental people destroy the graves of a religion they do not like and they are brain washed to be against them with knowing why? In the name of religion some people are killed, even in the twenty one century and some people lose their jobs and their wealth or family and should be move from their country in the countries that they are also not beloved now because of their nationality or their origin birth place.
    But the fundamentalists find all these action is fine and normal, we should fight and die for the religion, which is their massage. They encourage the people to kill or be killed in the name of their religions. Some people have all disasters for the religions and other have huge wealth and nice lives with a lot of nice beautiful women around them because of religions. The pop and the sheikhs of Arabian nights are living in a total wealth and the Jesus had no house and no room of his own? Do you think it is just that some people lose everything for the religion and some other people get huge wealth and comfort again in the name of religion? They have all these rich nesses, because the followers of that religion believe them and give their money to them, to the heads or leader of different religions. Where Love and Unity that religion is should bring to all people? Or it is just for a group of smart people? So some people lose money in Wednesday and some people find that money on Wednesday. So for some people Wednesday is a nice day and or for other people is a terrible day. I hope one day Love and Unity and humanity will cover all these religions and the leader of different religion like Dalai Lama guide the people to the center of love and humanity which religion should bring for the people.
    That religion is nice that their followers are the best and they help the society, fight for ignorance and teach science and humanity to the people. If we can be united and love each other we can solve more problems and give more happiness to the people in the world. More love and more comfort and more knowledge. I think that was what the prophets or philosopher wanted. The Humanity is the goal and the religions should guide the people to be better people and loving persons. If there is no war and hate in the world we can use that huge money spent for war and hate, use for education, welfare and create jobs, hospitals, and schools for the people.com.

    What had happened to me?

    I was college teacher for German, Arabic and other subjects. Orange County gave me occupational license for a boarding and language school, as many students wanted to learn more. I was happy as I could have my own school and put all my money and energy in that school, I planted myself over 1000 citrus trees and also other trees. But after 3 years of operation, the County told me they did a mistake and they should not give such permission and such occupational license to me and they cancelled it. It is for them just a mistake, but for me it means, destroying my life and capital. They say I can sue them, but no attorney will take the matter by contingency and they want a lot of money now, which I do not have.

    The building was designed for a boarding school and not to rent to regular people. It was totally furnished and it had a lot of facilities. I bought a lot of tools and furniture for the school. I had no other choice to rent to the regular people. They thought I am rich and started not to pay and steal the materials. They gave me checks, but their checks could not be cashed. They left my houses after I went to the court, by they got angrier and vandalize my building, and water also damaged the building. The insurance Company, Liberty Mutual and other companies did not pay the damages. They paid only 700 dollars to dry the carpets, and later they told me it was a leak. Leak can have so much water that one week needed time to be dried. They cheated me and robbed me like people.

    Now banks and credit cards want their money which is stolen by the people, insurance company and the mistake of Orange County zoning department. They cannot understand that the people and insurance companies robbed me. They cannot also understand that the Orange County makes a mistake and I am the victim of their mistake. They call me and want money, which I do not have. They cannot also understand that the price of the real estate is lower over 60% percent and I cannot sell them, because there are no customers for them. Was it my mistake that I trusted the local government Orange County? Was it also my mistake that I trusted the system? They just collect on time money and give you hundred of pages, but if you need their help they cancel the insurance.

    Mr. Obama said there is modification and there is help for the small business. I can give work to 40 people, but as my equity lines of credit is frozen, my farm cannot operate. My chicken farm and fish production plus the agricultural activities is stopped, because I have no money to pay the workers and I cannot get also partners, because the price of the real estate are up side down and nobody will be my partners. Do I have all this difficulties, jut because I am citizen and not born here? Five times my house is robbed and police did not take the matter seriously, it is fine for them? How can I survive in the time that I robbed from many sides? I wrote to whole system, but it seems that it is useless and I have been ignored?

    With this attitude the USA will lead the world? Unjust in the USA? No body care and or the people just take advantages. The attorneys just will help if you have a lot of money. They are trying to make money form people who desperately need help and are robbed like me? And the people say to me, why you do not go back to your original country? Go to that country and forget the US dream of opportunities? I worked here almost 20 years and have no pennies. All my money is swollen by insurance companies, banks, taxes, people and repair? I cannot even work here, because I have bad credit and I have bad credit, because the people and system robbed me? It is fine? I paid more than 700,000 dollars to insurance companies, taxes, interest to the banks and repair. I lost all my capital from my original country plus all years that I worked here.

    After fourty years of working and after helping the society so much, I have no pennies left. All my down payment is swollen by the system and all my capital is stolen by people or by mistake of Orange County. If in the dictatorship countries they take the money by force and even kill you, here is the same; they take your money by so called legal way and or cheating and you have no support from the system, as the courts are expensive and the attorneys are very expensive. You have to forget your just here in the USA? That is my reward ,that I opened a boarding school in which the students could live, work and learn. I helped so many boys and girls who had problems, and that is my reward? They destroyed my life?

    I am responsible for the losing the cost of the real estates. I am also responsible for the payment of credit cards and the mortgages and other loan. But as; the Orange County makes all these trouble for me It is OK? Is it just? They make mistake and I am responsible. The system ignores me and they say why I do not go back to my original country. They robbed me and the system and the huge administration cannot help me? Nobody will take the responsibilities to solve the problem. The people are very indifferent or cruel? I am a victim to religion or nationality. In Iran, because my mother was Bahai, I had problems and Bahai family and Moslem friend robbed me and here because of nationality I am respectfully robbed.

    Yours Amir Nasser Ali G.
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