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    Posted April 15, 2012 by

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    Titanic Remembered on 100th Anniversary


    It was back in 1912, April 14th and the time on board ship was 23.40 hours when the Titanic, the massive luxury passenger liner, hit an iceberg some 740 km from Newfoundland, leading to the loss of 1,512 people. It’s incredible to think that it was a century ago, and the legend of the Titanic and the individual stories of the those involved lives on to this day. Sadly many of the Titanic’s staff perished, along with the unlucky passengers, including the brave band members who played on long after they should have fled for their lives. The Titanic seems to grab the imaginations of most people today, as the eerie remains of the wreck slowly corrode at the bottom of the ocean, a haunting memorial to those who died.


    As people are so interested, the Titanic has featured in Second Life, there is a sim dedicated to the Titanic (Titanic 128,191,34) and it’s proved to be very popular over the last few days. The huge virtual ship is well designed and has a ballroom where people can dance and reflect about the real story behind the tragedy. Dress is formal and there were some wonderful period outfits from the early 1900’s worn by many of the visitors.


    Last night I went to a special Titanic themed evening at the New West End Club in SL, which is owned by Clive Hissop and Cutewillow Carlberg. Clive is a master SL builder and he had created part of the Titanic within the club especially for the event. We climbed onto the deck where we danced, as the iceberg loomed menacingly next to the hull of the boat. The ship even started to lisp as the evening went on, and the deck dangerously tipped to one side! Fashion designer Nils Tomorrow wasn’t taking any chances as she donned a duck shaped rubber ring to keep her afloat should we all vanish under the virtual waves. Clive was in complete control of course, so we carried on dancing knowing that ‘our’ Titanic was quite safe. The gentlemen avatars looked handsome in their tuxes and the ladies formal evening gowns looked very elegant. Cutewillow dj’d with some appropriate music, ending with the famous Celine Dion hit record ‘Heart will go on’, from the Titanic movie.


    It seems, even with the passing of time, that the story of the Titanic will be remembered as one of the major tragedies of the 20th Century and people will want to continue to pay their respects to those who lost their lives.


    New West End Club

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