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    Three Stooges Are Funny For Farrelly Fans


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     TheVideoMan, a fan of The Stooges as a kid, shares his review of the new movie, The Three Stooges. He says he enjoyed the slapstick comedy, but thought it was a little slow at times. Overall he says it's a fun movie for adults and kids.
    - ssesha, CNN iReport producer

    I loved the Stooges on TV as a kid, lets face it, it was 'A Boy Thing'.


    Now those masters of early 20th century slapstick have been brought to the Big Screen by the Farrelly Bros (There's Something About Mary, Dumb and Dumber).


    Little does anyone know these three are in over their heads in today's world.


    "Are you guys on Facebook? I'll poke you!"


    "An I-Phone? I don't see anyone in there!"


    Oh, and the Catholic Church is not too happy with the Nun in the bikini lol. But the Farrelly's have always been equal opportunity offenders, hey - she was hot!


    And the entire cast of the reality show "The Jersey Shore" is along for the ride too. Don't ask, it's not important - Snookie knew it was coming lol...


    Nyuck, nyuck, nyuck.


    The film was a funny diversion for a Sunday afternoon. Stay for the end for a cool surprise!


    Grade: B

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