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    Posted April 16, 2012 by
    Central Texas, Texas
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    One year since Trayvon Martin's death

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    Zimmerman Behind Bars, Blacks Responded: Why are some in White America So Upset?


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     DShieldsTx, of Killeen, Texas, recorded this video in response to comments posted on her two previous video commentaries on the Trayvon-Zimmerman case. She is specifically replying to objections and questions on her use of the term 'Black America'. 'In some parts of each culture, there is a divison. When we are comfortable discussing that division, in parts, terms like "Black" or "White America" are in no ways offensive,' she says. 'I believe, as most of White America said in their replies, that they fear we, Black Americans, will riot. Many who commented view us as ignorant thugs. Sad, but this is what some of them say and think.' A fulltime psychology student and writer, she thinks the only way to fix this problem of separation is by getting the conversation started daily. 'Never letting up,' she says. 'Make it news like the weather, daily.'
    - ssesha, CNN iReport producer

    No soon as I had posted up my 2 iReports with words 'Black America' in the title than along came angry parts of White America, with the attack.
    Posting questions like, 'D Shields, why do you call it Black America?'
    (which I did not post the words in a way of only OUR BLACK SKIN AMERICA, as they so took it, yet they ran with their view of the words, simply because they chose to stop at the title with words Black America in it and make an assumption...and we all know what making an assumption does)


    Many were so busy posting fancy words used to cover up their true mean intent, that they failed to see that the 'Black America' was posted as a topic, as to who I was addressing on the topic, and not as a division.
    Not as a division in America, that even if I spoke on that division,
    ....that DOES exist. whether we are COMFORTABLE admitting it or not,
    it is a Divsion....
    ....even if I had of taken the time to speak on it, I surely did not cause the Division that so many deny.
    The Division of Black America vs White America is one that begin many years ago, which left a hole that was NEVER filled...and the time is come to ADDRESS it!


    They also stated under the other iReports I posted on the Zimmerman/Martin case: 'D Shields, you are a Racist if you say 'Black America'...well, no I am not, but for one to be uncomfortable with the terms Black America, or even White America, I highly suspect, they/you are a Racist.
    Too many hateful comments being left under EVERY Trayvon Martin blog, news article, iReport, Facebook posts, etc by ANGRY White Americans, not ONE article you can find that a Racist in White America didn't show up, unprecedented reactions...so I ask those in that group:
    Angry White America, what are YOU so offended by in this George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case?!
    ...and I add...
    ...do you REALLY not see the OBVIOUS division in our country that ALWAYS shows its face, by individuals like you, on CASES like this...or are you sitting in BLIND AMERICA?

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