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    Fifty Shades of Twilight


    Review of Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James
    Fifty Shades of Grey is a novel that has recently made headlines across the country. This controversial book has also been compared to the successful “Twilight” series. The media have dubbed the book “Mommy Porn" for sexual content, but what is the story behind all the hype? How does Fifty Shades compare to Twilight?

    Similarities to Twilight:
    Fifty Shades of Grey is a story about unattainable love. This story mirrors another bestselling novel “Twilight.” In Twilight, the unattainable love is between Edward Cullen, vampire, and Bella Swan, human. Twilight is about finding a middle ground between love and controlling ones desire, (Edwards) to feast on Bella’s blood. In “Fifty Shades of Grey” the unattainable love is between Christian Grey, a CEO of a successful company, and Ana Steele and normal collage girl. The two must find a middle ground between Christian’s dark, secret sexual desires, and what Ana needs in a romance.
    Christian (Similar to Edward Cullen) at first tries to keep his distance from Ana and warns her that he is not suitable for her. Anastasia, in love with Christian, will not be kept away by his warnings. There are many other similarities between the two stories. I’m not going to take time to discuss all similarities, but I will list a few:
    • Both stories also take place in the Pacific Northwest. Twilight takes place in Forks Washington, Fifty Shades set in Portland Oregon, and Seattle Washington.
    • There is a Jacob Character named Jose, who is Ana’s close friend (and would love to be more than friends).
    • Both Ana/Bella intimidated by Christian/Edwards amount of wealth and outstanding looks. Both feel that they have nothing to give back.
    • Both Christian/Edward are adopted into their families and feel and need to gain acceptance. Christian did this by learning to give the appearance of the perfect son; Edward did this by following all rules regarding human life and sticking to a “Vegetarian diet”.
    • Both Bella/ Ana come from divorced families, and both are remarkably close with their father figures.

    Is Christian Grey Edward Cullen?
    The simple answer to that is no. Edward has spent decades of his life trying to come to terms with what he is. He goes to considerable lengths not to become a blood thirsty monster. Once he meets Bella; Edwards only interest is protecting her and her soul from her own desires whether becoming a vampire or losing her virginity. Christian Grey has no self-control and allows his desires to be all consuming in his life. He never had a normal romance, relationship, or girlfriend. He has no intention on watching out for Ana’s virtue, in his mind it was only a problem that needed to be rectified on their second date so that his own personal desires may be better attended.

    Is Ana Steele Bella Swan?
    Yes, Ana could almost be replaced by a collage aged Bella. Both women are just normal, clumsy, girls who have remarkably little thought or concern for their own well-being. Bella should have re-thought the vampire/human romance. Ana should have never given Christian the time of day when she discovered the deep, dark secret he was hiding in his luxury apartment. (All the contracts should have been a significant clue that the guy is no good.)

    Differences between Fifty Shades and Twilight:
    The biggest difference is there were no “bad guys” in Fifty Shades. Twilight offers romance between Bella and Edward, but also has a side story that involves less friendly vampires trying to kill Bella. This danger bonds Bella and Edward together. In Fifty shades, the only danger to Ana is from Christian himself. There is no side plot, or other people trying to hurt or come between them. I’ m sure the author could have added some corporate pirates, or hackers to attempt to kidnap Ana, and give Christian a reason to fight for her.


    How does MY Life With The Movie Star Compare?
    I have never considered my novel “My Life with the Movie Star” Twilight fan fiction.  The story was inspired, not by the novels, but by the actor, Robert Pattinson.  Robert was the reflection I used to create the ideal movie star boyfriend Grayson Edwards.   The relationship between Grayson and Abby is similar to both the above novels.  Grayson is handsome, rich and infatuated with Abby.  Abby is an average girl, and not sure she belongs in Grayson’s world.   I do feel that I did give Abby a better voice than Bella/ Ana.  Abby is a confident woman who has been in the work force for several years, she has purchased her own home and can provide for herself.   Bella is still a highs school student so her means to support herself is limited, but Ana who is weeks away from graduating college has no plan for  her career, and her  only living arrangement is to continue being a roommate to her rich college friend Kate.  Grayson has no need to ask Abby to be anything different than who she is. This is something that Christian almost demands of Ana, and Edward reluctantly has to change Bella for their love to last through time.  My Life With The Movie Star does have a bit of “romance” in it, but I would categories it as PG romance. Abby gets to see Grayson’s abs’ a few times, and that is the extent of any adult content. My Life With The Movie Star by Meaghan Hoffmann is available on amazon.com


    In Conclusion,
    I enjoyed the novel Fifty Shades of Grey. I found the book extremely hard to put down,and I did enjoy some of the other aspects to the novel I left out of this review.  I do warn that this book if not for the faint of heart. I also feel that it is extremely similar to Twilight, but has enough depth that it can stand on its own.

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