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    Penn State Child Abuse Scandal: A Pulitzer Prize Gold Metal Winner: Penn State Child Abuse- To Judge or Not to Judge


    As a Penn State Fellow and Penn State Graduate (Biology / Biobehavioral Health), we salute and applaud Sara Ganim, Patriot News Reporter, winner of the 2012 Pulitzer Prize Winner, for breaking the [alleged]  Penn State Child Abuse Sex Scandal involving alleged child rapist Jerry Sandusky, 68, who faces 52 counts of rape involving sexual acts with 10 boys dating back to 1994. Prosecutors allege he met some of his accusers through a charity he created for underprivileged children.

    I salute you, Sara, for your integrity and for standing up to what I am sure was great scrutiny of you in this matter and for having the tenacity to write it. You are not alone because I have attached what we wrote at the time that the scandal was brought to our attention. We were appalled to know that we were there during this period. It made us sick. It was your persistent and determined investigative search into the details of the [alleged] Penn State sex scandal that catapulted the story to a national level, shedding light on the alleged atrocities that each victim underwent, as per the Grand Jury Report.


    At the age of 16, I was awarded the Penn State Root Biology Fellowship (attached) and I completed NIH-funded research through the McKnight foundation and researched the link between Peruvian/Andean tubers and ovarian cancer in Dr. Hector Flores' Wartik lab. It sickens me to think that in 1997, while I was performing research on Penn State's campus, that only a couple of miles away from my on-campus housing, it is alleged that Jerry Sandusky was raping and molesting innocent young boys. Furthermore, the grand jury report suggests [allegedly] that top officials including Joe Paterno and the President of Penn State, knew of this long-term abuse and turned a blind eye. These actions speak volumes to the lowly state of the human race and inhumanity that perpetuates this world. As a graduate of Penn State University, it sickened me to hear of the alleged child abuse that Sandusky initiated, was a part of and hid for decades. If these charges are proven in a court of law to be true, and it is proven that Joe Paterno, Penn State officials, Graham Spanier, former Penn State University President and Assistant football coaches witnessed, were aware of and attempted to cover up this alleged deviant behavior against children, I feel that these individuals have failed Penn State as well as humanity in general. We have not only lost all respect for the school, but we were angered and outraged when we thought of the financial and emotional sacrifice that my mother (and father) underwent when trying to send me to Penn State as an out-of-state Texas student. If the claims of abuse are found to be true in court, not only were the victims' lives in danger, but in essence, so were ours and every other minority. . . Jerry Sandusky and an entire network of higher-ups purposely swept these cases of [alleged] rape and molestation "under the rug" and subsequently put other students (including my own) lives' in grave danger. I pray for the victims of Sandusky's alleged abuse. I pray that they come to the realization that the abuse was not their fault. That there is nothing wrong with them. And that the shame that they carry around is a pain that God can heal.

    As a Christian, I pray that Jerry Sandusky (if guilty) and anyone who allegedly witnessed or was ever aware or a part of the child abuse of innocent victims will be swiftly and severely punished to the fullest extent of the law. I pray that Ms. Ganim is blessed for her tireless investigative work and the uncovering of Jerry Sandusky's alleged atrocities against children. My prayer extends to the victims and family members of the victims who were allegedly raped, abused or otherwise affected. Personally, I pray that if Jerry Sandusky and any other person who was involved in or knew of these acts is found guilty, that they are executed for the inhumane, selfish and disgusting acts that they put these victims through.


    Kudos to Sara Gamin and may God Bless the victims and families suffering through the aftermath of abuse. I am an active member of the Penn State Alumni Association and my mother is a member of the Penn State Parents' Alumni Association. We wrote our thoughts on the Penn State Child Abuse Scandal on November 10, 2011: https://www.facebook.com/#!/note.php?note_id=192579777488644  Additionally, the last picture attached here is our writings of "Joe Paterno: To Judge or Not To Judge."


    Respectfully Submitted,





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