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    Erasmus, a bad guy done good!


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     I'm on an extended business trip in Europe and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to explore Slovenia. This country has a lot of what I really like, "caves and caverns", In fact the country is quite literally built on top of a giant cave system extending for many miles well into neighboring Croatia. I had the chance to see where one of the most famous residents of Slovenia lived when he dodged the authorities until his rather ignominious death on the "toilet". Erasmus was Slovenia's Robin Hood as I came to learn and revered just as much for his commitment to the poor (at the expense of the rich of course). I love caves and everything that makes them special such as the unique life forms, beautiful rock formations and the utter and complete darkness and silence that envelopes you like a cozy blanket. Caves are fun because they all tend to be the same temperature, day and night, snow or sun and you never really know what you're going to see next. A cavern, a river or maybe even some treasure left long ago.

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